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    My new partner did not respond well AT ALL when I opened up about past sexual abuse and assault. He is a CSA survivor, so I'm confused

    I started getting to know a man very slowly and at a distance (due to Covid), beginning in June of 2020; we both come from nightmarish upbringings and years of retraumatization by the world. My developmental trauma is pretty bad; in fact, I had met very few others whose DTD was as severe as...
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    Risky behaviors and cPTSD

    My behavior while at my worst absolutely haunts me. I am beginning to understand the toll that severe abuse and neglect can have on a person, but have a hard time feeling like I am still a shameful person for acting the way that I did. I released so much shame about my coping mechanisms when I...
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    Anyone else experience fainting or seizures from extreme physical/emotional distress?

    Hi everyone! I am newly diagnosed with cptsd and have been devouring Pete Walker's book. I'm a major dissociator, it turns out, and I'm now curious if my lifelong "habit" of syncope in response to extreme stress is a mechanism of dissociation. I've fainted over 250 times in my life and had 2...