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  1. Bubblegum

    The path towards healing is a long and hard one

    I already have my own physical diary, but itd be nice to get it all down in one place. I'm running out of paper anyways. Today was slow, but i got up and made myself breakfast, that was good. Bf had to go to work today, not so good, home alone. I was supposed to do some chores, I should...
  2. Bubblegum

    Trying to understand why I'm doing this

    Good evening everyone. Feeling lost because I canceled my trip back home to see my family. I usually make room for one trip, every year, so that I can get to see my family and old friends. I moved away back in 2011, living back there made me really sick. But I couldnt do it this time, a friend...
  3. Bubblegum

    Long time no see! Feeling hopeful first time in years

    Havent been active on here as much lately, due to my recent fragility (getting very easily triggered by stuff) Good news is I'm finally getting trauma focused therapy, and my new T is an actual gem. Going private is expensive though, but I actually get something out of each session, and this...
  4. Bubblegum

    First EMDR next week, whats your experience?

    I was on my way to get Ketamine therapy, but had to postpone it for now. My T noted that I need proper treatment before we go any further, so I'm set up for EMDR this upcoming monday. So I'm curious, how was your experience with EMDR? Did it help?
  5. Bubblegum

    What did you feel like when you got diagnosed?

    I'm just still digesting the fact that I got the diagnosis, and feeling a little lost, to be honest. So I'm curious. How did you feel/react when you got yours? Did you deal with inner turmoil? Disbelief? Relief? And how did you start your journey towards bettering your life? How did people in...
  6. Bubblegum

    Got diagnosed with PTSD today

    I was talking to my new T (I'm Bipolar type 2, with ASD and ADHD, general anxiety and depression) And I got the "verdict" today, if you could say that. Turns out I actually do have PTSD I'm a little sad, but also relieved, I've been invalidating all of my struggles as "just me being lazy...
  7. Bubblegum

    I want to get this under control for my partner/caretaker

    - Ok, so, I'm so so sorry about my over activity, but I don't have anywhere else to go until I get my new therapist, I feel like I'm hanging off the edge, but I'm trying to stay strong, but it's just getting increasingly harder lately (my old therapist wasn't great: "oh but see you have good...
  8. Bubblegum

    growing up without a spine, so how do I get one?

    So, essentially, I grew up without a spine, my mom would emotionally and physically abuse me, and blame me for a lot of nonsensical stuff. And that snowballed down the line, being an empath and a people pleaser is the worst life decision that I've made, and you could probably blame half of my...
  9. Bubblegum

    Undiagnosed Autist with Bipolar II and ADHD looking to figure out some stuff, so thanks for having me <3

    Hey so, I found this place looking around google, I'm here to connect with people like me, since I don't really relate to people already in my life. For context, I do not have a official ptsd diagnosis, but there's been some speculation from my mom's side, considering my brother has it. Either...