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  1. Sweetpea76

    General How’s Everybody Holding Up?

    I just wanted to check on our supporters here. How is everybody managing their own stress when their partners may be extra symptomatic? Do you have any coping methods you’re using? Any solutions that are working? My vet seems to be doing fairly well, but I only get the outward appearance. Who...
  2. Sweetpea76


    What do you do when your sufferer is stuck in a distorted cognition? Specifically catastrophizing and black and white thinking? Do I listen and indulge? Or do I try to gently reason?
  3. Sweetpea76

    General We need a little organization

    Between the "PTSD Brain" and his TBIs, my vet is having a very hard time getting anything done... even non-stressful things that he enjoys and wants to do. I've tried to help him organize, but I'm a little too color-coded and hyper-organized because of my work. It's too much for him to...
  4. Sweetpea76

    General So Glad The Holidays Are Over.

    I got a nice shiny new one ripped for the holidays today. Happy New Years, eh? How many other supporters received theirs? If so, what are you drinking, because I'm buying the virtual drinks to cry in to...
  5. Sweetpea76

    General Getting Stuck In Your Sufferer's "head"

    I was just curious if any other long time supporters ever feel like they get caught up in their sufferer's negating thinking patterns or ideas? Now that I'm actually trying to put this into words, it is very hard to describe. For instance today it just hit me that a whole lot of my stress was...
  6. Sweetpea76

    General Rough Week For U.s. Vets

    Between the election and Veterans Day this week has stressed my vet beyond out. Is it over yet? A shout out to other supporters dealing with the fall out.
  7. Sweetpea76

    General Feeling Guilty

    My vet hasn't been doing well for awhile. He hasnt been able to get an appointment for therapy in ages, so he just gave up on it. He's been very symptomatic and depressed lately, and he has been obsessing. We have been talking about one topic for 6 days, all day long. He can't get over it...
  8. Sweetpea76

    General What Keeps You Going When The Going Gets Rough?

    Every supporter knows how tough it can get in our relationships, but what are some of the things that make it easy? We can all use a pick me up. :p For instance, my vet and I use a lot of humor to manage. He's got an awesome sense of humor, and that was one of the main things that attracted me...
  9. Sweetpea76

    General Concerned About My Sufferer's Eating Habits

    Any ideas or tips to help him when he is just not up to eating? I'm lucky to get any food in him lately... I've resorted to making milkshakes and pouring Ensure into them. I know I can't make him eat, I'm just worried about his health.
  10. Sweetpea76

    General Loss Of Peers To Combat Ptsd

    My vet lost yet another friend and brother in arms to Combat PTSD. I have no idea what to do or say. It seems like we can't go a year without hearing about another suicide. What do I do for him? I can't help... I know this. I just feel useless. Not to mention this always seems to set him off...
  11. Sweetpea76

    General Let It Out

    Hello... my name is @Sweetpea76 , and today everything is evidently my fault. I'm embracing it, because it has finally gotten to the point where it's comical instead of upsetting. Bless his heart, my poor vet is having a rough day... but seriously? I could sell this stuff to sitcom writers. Yes...
  12. Sweetpea76

    General Happy Freakin' Holidays... Coping Ideas For Supporters

    The holidays are often horrible times for our loved ones with PTSD. Since we love them, we hate to see them suffer. Sometimes it is hard to enjoy things when your sufferer is isolating, depressed, or lashing out from holiday stressors. Sufferers don't want to make their supporters feel bad...
  13. Sweetpea76

    General A Little Unsure

    So my Vet has some hypervigilance issues when it comes to my personal safety. He has me packing three different self defense items in my purse at all times (I drew the line at getting a concealed carry permit). He worries when I'm out alone, etc. It's annoying and endearing at the same time. I...
  14. Sweetpea76

    General Distraction During Sufferer's Isolation

    Ok supporters, my sufferer is isolating after a frustrating medical appointment. I've had radio silence for a few days except for a few "I'm alive" texts. I know he'll be fine eventually... but I'm bored and missing him. I need a distraction. If we could all go out and have a fun night out...
  15. Sweetpea76

    General Competitive And/or Jealous Reactions From Your Sufferer

    Do any of your sufferers have extreme reactions to your professional or academic success? As in picking fights, downgrading it, or blowing it off? I'm trying to decide if he is being a jackass or if it is some kind of PTSD thing stirring it up. Educate me, because I am clueless and feeling...
  16. Sweetpea76

    Relationship Is It Too Much To Ask For An Apology?

    I understand that lashing out behavior is a symptom, and it is going to happen sometimes. I know that my sufferer wouldn't normally speak to me in that matter. I understand the healthiest way to handle it is to not engage and not take it personally. The thing is, sometimes the stuff he says is...
  17. Sweetpea76

    General Overboard With The Overprotectiveness.

    I know it's a symptom. I know it. Sometimes he makes me feel like a child that needs babysitting. I have managed to stay alive up into my thirties... I think I can go to a nightclub with girlfriends and survive. Did I mention I was the designated driver so I didn't drink and I texted him when...
  18. Sweetpea76

    General Who Needs A Hug?

    Feeling kind of blue tonight... my sufferer be sufferin'. This sucks. Anybody else need a hug?
  19. Sweetpea76

    General Friends Dropping Like Flies

    I am getting pretty burnt out on losing friends because they don't "get it." Either they think my vet is an ass when he is just symptomatic, or they think he is going to be violent when he is so protective of me he wouldn't harm a hair on my head. That, or I'm the big ole meanie doo-doo head...
  20. Sweetpea76

    General The Whole Fam-damnily

    My son is graduating high school in a few weeks, and with that comes the whole range of traditional celebrations. There is the graduation ceremony itself, a dinner, then I am throwing him an open house-type party. My son has decided that he wants to invite his absentee dad and his extended...
  21. Sweetpea76

    General What's In Your Supporter Library?

    It seems like a lot of people ask for book recommendations, and there hasn't been a thread for them in a while, especially for supporters. So here is a list of what I've read so far. Please add your recommendations as well, because I'm always looking for new information. PTSD The Post...
  22. Sweetpea76

    April Fools Day!

    My Vet got me good... and I walked right into it! He just sat me down, and with a straight face "came out" to me. I totally believed him, and was very supportive. Bought it hook, line, and sinker... despite dating and being intimate with this man for nearly three years *derp*. I thought we were...
  23. Sweetpea76

    Relationship Being Psychoanalyzed By My Vet

    It seems like every time he goes through a bad time, he feels the need to start pointing out how flawed I am and playing armchair psychiatrist. I have been diagnosed by him with so many disorders, I'm beginning to get paranoid :sick:. This has to be some kind of coping mechanism, right?
  24. Sweetpea76

    General Trying Not To Resent

    My sixteen year old dog went down last night and cannot stand on her own. I rushed her to the vet in the wee hours of the morning, and they admitted her for IV medication and observation. It is touch and go, and if things do not improve by the morning I have a very hard decision to make. This...
  25. Sweetpea76

    General Out And About

    What are some of the activities that you enjoy with your sufferer? I don't know if it is the winter blahs, or just being stuck in a rut... but I'm looking for some suggestions for new, non-stressful activities. I think we are growing cobwebs over here. :sleep: