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    The Hardest Thing ; Giving Up Hyper-vigilance.

    I love this! Thanks for sharing; I’ll be sure to try it soon!
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    Why do I purposely trigger myself?

    THIS. ^^^ Triggering myself on purpose is a strategy I use to get my needs met. I tend to be self-critical about it (“Really, RiverWitch? This is how you want to proceed? Ffs...”), which is not helpful. Right now I am practicing the art of noticing when I’m doing it and checking in on what I...
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    Realized this is avoidance

    I am SUCH a rhino about things! Laughing to myself so much picturing the difference between a giant stampeding rhino and a squishy swimming tadpole. Excellent metaphor. This phrase really helped me, today— thank you! 🦏🦏🦏
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    The Hardest Thing ; Giving Up Hyper-vigilance.

    Oh my god, this. This is my experience. I’ve found myself cowered near a grocery end-cap, unable to manage, at least a half-dozen times. For YEARS, I didn’t know it was hypervigilance running amuck so reading this description today felt wildly validating. Phew. Words are so powerful — thank...
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    Confirmation Bias vs. Intuition

    I ask myself this question frequently. I think intuition is more of a felt-sense knowing that is embodied. Confirmation bias tends to be purely cognitive - like it lives only in my mind. A question I can ask myself is: where do I know this? If it’s in my head (and only my head), it’s probably...
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    smoking cannabis oil this okay for ptsd ?

    I’ve smoked weed just about daily for 16 years. I’m not wild about smoking oil (“doing dabs”) because it’s too strong for me. Smoking oil/“shatter” is akin to free-basing cannabis. To me, as a stoner, that seems wildly unnecessary — but I am limited by only ever living in my body and not yours...
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    How do you deal with being edgy?

    I head into nature when I can’t stand edginess. Sometimes that can be a 3-4 hour hike alone, or a day on the river, but sometimes it’s just driving to a neighborhood park with trees or a body of water and sitting in my car, if that’s all I have energy for that day. Occasionally it’s sitting on...
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    Sufferer I self-medicated by staying busy (flight mode!), thrill-seeking, and smoking weed

    Aw. Thank you! Feels good already. High five, if you want one.
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    Needing Order

    100%! Here’s what I have observed in me: I feel a compulsive need to spatially/visually bring order (to rooms and desktops and so on) AND to approach chores, errands, and, well, most of life, in a certain order, with the goal of optimal efficiency. As an example, say the car needs to be packed...
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    Sufferer I self-medicated by staying busy (flight mode!), thrill-seeking, and smoking weed

    Hi all! I've just discovered this forum and reading a thread about recovery filled my heart with so much hope that I created an account. Introducing myself today to add my voice to the chorus: You are not alone. My story: Symptoms started at age 18 as isolation, avoidance, depression. In...