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    Victims. Innocents.

    Wowsers! That word packs a real emotional punch for you! For me, I don't think I've ever heard someone call themselves a survivor in reference to anything small (except, oddly enough, on this forum! No judgment, just an observation) It's usually something like cancer, and most often, I think...
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    Pristiq issue

    Pristiq (desvenlafaxine) is a variation of Effexor (venlafaxine), which is famously fairly awful to taper off. When I'm changing my dose, I do it in 50mg increments, and even that is a fairly huge whack. It isn't one of the medications that I'd personally contemplate coming off without any...
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    Other Surgery in a few hours

    As much as it's possible for this community to be with you, I hope you know that we're with you. Sleep well, and hopefully tomorrow goes smoother.
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    Scary Treatment Situation

    No it's not. No, it isn't. You have a mental illness, there is disagreement over what kind. Nope. Focus on this. You said you had a psychiatrist. Can you elaborate on what's stopping you from cancelling your appointments with your 'therapist', and simply continuing with your psychiatrist...
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    Valium prescription - what to do?

    I definitely think you can, and should be open with your prescribing doctor. If you have an established relationship, it's so incredibly helpful to capitalise on that relationship in exactly these sorts of situations. Because you have been through a hellride recently, and it makes perfect...
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    Am I unable to be helped?

    Able to be helped, and ready and willing to engage with your treatment are 2 separate things. Wanting to recover, and being willing to commit to treatment, also 2 different things. Yes, you can be helped. Indeed, your psychiatrist is trying to do exactly that by writing prescriptions for you...
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    Overwhelmed, how do I tell my therapist? At what point do you know you need to admit yourself to a hospital?

    If you're at the point where you're seriously considering quitting your job? Then I'd tell my T that, and definitely wind back the dietician appointments to fortnightly (at most). Sounds like time to be working on reducing the baseline anxiety levels rather than pushing more work on your...
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    Guilt Over Support for Self

    Mod Note: @FreeSoul I've shifted this across to the General forum, as the focus of conversation is more about the struggles you're facing about making progress with your symptoms stick. If you feel like that's the wrong call, please shoot us a message at Contact Us. and we can get the forum...
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    Medical ultra sound with wand

    Awesome work! Glad it's over and done with.
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    Making it look like you're functioning

    Planning for after the day. Days that I know in advance are going to be tough, but that I'll probably get through by dissociating? It usually comes too late in the piece to do much meaningful about it, and I'm mostly okay with dissociating as a coping strategy. Because it works, for me. But...
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    Sufferer Piecing myself back together

    Wow! That's huge! Congratulations. Yeah, I relate a lot to this. It's incredibly isolating at times. But at least here people get it. And it sounds like you have a rock solid relationship with your T, which is absolute gold - can be very hard to find
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    Sufferer Piecing myself back together

    Welcome to the forum! Have you spoken to your T about this? Apart from medication interactions, and the potential for it to create new mental health issues to deal with, it sounds like your T may need to slow down a bit with the trauma processing (not what any of us ever want to hear, but...
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    Sufferer I'm Ellie-Rose

    Welcome to the forum:)
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    Grounding While at Work

    If I'm sitting at a desk? Shoes off, and rub my feet against the carpet (unless it's grey carpet...!). When I know I'm sitting at the same desk for several hours? I bring a very chic bathmat with me, passes as a small mat, which I put under my feet so that I've got something lush to rub my...
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    Medical ultra sound with wand

    Being vulnerable is scary. I totally get that. For me, when I'm planning ahead for stuff like this, I like to remind myself that there's no way of not being vulnerable in this situation. I will be vulnerable, and there's no way around that. What can I do, ahead of time, to get as many people...
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    Nightmares about people trying to kill me?

    I frequently have dreams about the end of the world. There is no literal mirror of that to my lived experience (obviously, the world hasn't exploded!). They tend to come up when I'm particularly stressed. And sometimes, just because. Thanks brain! Glad that crazy "brain doing it's dreaming...
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    Military Struggling with PTSD

    Welcome to the forum:)
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    Are these good for coping with body memories? Anyone else got any good ones?

    Definitely things that ground me. Depending on how the body memory is effecting me, I like to go to grounding activities that use my body in a different way. Taking the dog for a vigorous walk, with a carefully selected playlist, getting into the garden (even if it's just pulling weeds, that...
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    Medical ultra sound with wand

    Cab? Definitely worth a thought. I'd give a lot of money to go back in time and organise to have done it sedated. Anything to take the edge off, and reduce the amount of distress I'm dealing with when I go home. For me? How am I getting there and home? And what time? Do I have time off...
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    Sexual Assault Is this assault?

    And yet... So...she did apologise. She just did a shit job of it. Have you apologised? Nah, so, there's issues here for both of you to deal with in your own ways with your own Ts. But... If this amounts to coercion and assault? Your T is setting you up to have a really hard time with...
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    Achieving 'closure' - any tips?

    So, this is all about him. What he needs right now for him to move forward. You not only have zero responsibility to help him deal with his demons, you actually have a positive responsibility to look after yourself, which means putting your needs first. For me? That would absolutely mean not...
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    Sufferer validating memories

    Welcome to the forum:) I think a lot of us here relate to the "it wasn't that bad" voice. I certainly do. No problem at all identifying others' experiences as traumatic, but very hard to apply that same compassion to myself. While working on self compassion is definitely a long term goal for...
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    News Worldwide impact of the novel coronavirus (covid-19)

    No, but you can ask that they observe some ground rules with you. Assertive communication that lets a person know that certain topics, they should discuss with other people rather than you. For example, "I respect your opinion, but please don't criticise nurses or front line health staff...
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    Achieving 'closure' - any tips?

    I'm not sure that the people who believe this are necessarily talking about serious trauma, and I'm very certain that any kind of closure that relies on external things, can be a very mixed bag, and too often goes horribly. What, for you, is the likely outcome if you confront this person, even...
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    News Worldwide impact of the novel coronavirus (covid-19)

    They may have. We had a week of demonstrations which, in Melbourne, turned messy. Police were injured, protesters were injured. So, yeah. We had a protest. Ummm...!! Crazy police state, obviously! As for nurses bashing people? I can only begin to imagine the kind of offense that our...