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    need advice? Comfort?

    I need support and comfort. I've been having passive suicide thought. I would never act on them. It just seems like no one cares. I feel rejected,ignored and worthless. I wouldn't act on these. Bu t I could use some comfort
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    Are these good for coping with body memories? Anyone else got any good ones?

    I'm having body memories and I find that applying pressure to the area helps. Nausea( pressure on abdomen) ect. Anyone else have any
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    Post-EMDR Processing

    Its hard for me because I always get a body memory after each EMDR session
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    How to manage intrusive thoughts?

    My coping strategies for this one are: mindfulness, progressive muscle relaxation, butterfly taps, and asking myself what is the likelihood of that thought happening. If its real bad I use my stress ball
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    Don't know how to ask for help

    I have some coping skills I use to stay out of the hospital. I'm sharing in case anyone needs them. Progressive Muscle Relaxation, my stress ball, hair ties on my wrist and mindfulness skills. Those are usually enough to calm my thoughts and keep me out of the hospital
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    The uncertainty of relationships

    Im afraid of my trauma. therapist ending our therapy sessions. I know its gonna happen at some point. Even though it seems bad I feel like just shutting her out completely. And even though she's said we're no where near the end of therapy I've been searching left and right for trauma and ptsd...