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    Sufferer Ptsd - csa, severe physical child abuse, emotional fighting a court case

    I cannot remember a time in my life when I was living with my mother and my father where my days were free from any type of abuse. Abuse in my family comes in many forms. I do not remember when I realized how wrong these abuses were, but I do remember when I was 5 years old saying to myself “I...
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    Sexual Assault Can bed wetting have anything to do with the 15 years i was sexually abused?

    I have been sexually abused from 4 to 16 by 2 family members. Have struggled with accidents (bed wetting) and for a time during the day when I have PTSD problems for years. I've been out for only a little over a year and am still having problems with it. Really embarrassed and shamed. Anyone else?
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    Childhood Childhood sexual abuse stuff coming up - help

    Someone had said something to me that I’m going to tell you. She was continually pressuring me into talking about specific sexual encounters that I had with my father and my brother. At one point, I broke down telling her about how my body was doing really weird stuff when they were doing...