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    Intermittent Fasting….

    It can help, longer fasting can help also, it depends on your lifestyle and what you are eating. It is another tool, nothing magical about it.
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    Keto Diet Effects On Mood

    You can try the raw vegan diet. Fasting is another alternative.
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    Keto Diet Effects On Mood

    I felt a better a long time ago with a raw food diet with little to no fat. I don't think keto is healthy long-term because you need grains. Just another alternative, any diet that is different maybe help with mood improvement that doesn't mean it's good long term.
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    Book recommendations

    Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma by Peter A. Levine
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    Hi all broken up and can’t get my head around it

    It's about pain and pleasure. Look up Tony Robbins. She probably fears being with you because getting to close can cause pain. Being with the wrong, person meaks not getting as close to a person. Usually it has to do with past relationship(s). There is nothing you can do, it is up to her to...