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    What does it mean to do well for you?

    The way I see this every one is doing very well all the time. No ones gets up in the morning wanting to do shitty. Everybody brings their best effort forward every day, they give what they have. Let's celebrate that. Sure some day doing well may mean managing getting out of bed today, getting...
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    How long have you been struggling / diagnosed with PTSD and what help have you gotten?

    Curious to hear briefly how long people have been struggling with ptsd and what kind of help has worked for you? I was diagnosed 2 yrs ago, work related, received 3 months treatment of an experimental treatment based on exposure therapy. Helped a bit decrease the intensity of symptoms but...
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    News Embodiment conference Oct 14th - 25th

    Check this conference out guys on embodiment. Thousands of speakers (free) on various topics including trauma/ptsd. All sessions are 1hr long on zoom. I am not a presenter just a curious person expanding his knowledge. Checked it out today and found some useful stuff for me on ptsd. Hope this...
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    Did a part of my soul died or am I getting wiser?

    Is it normal to feel that you have lost a part of who you are? After a traumatic event no one can ever be the same. I keep asking myself am I a wiser person because of what I went through or did it kill a part of my soul. Now that I have been through ptsd I understand it better and I see it...
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    Medical Any mental health workers, social workers, psychologist, psychiatrist, md, nurses diagnoses with PTSD

    I was a mental health worker for 15yrs and got diagnosed with ptsd from my work couple years ago. I was told it's rare but it happens. I live in a small town far north and help is to say the least inadequate. Privacy is a huge issues. Feeling isolated, 18yrs relationship broke down few weeks...