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    Hypervigilance- is yours degrees of constant?

    Please read my post under "INTRODUCTION" Is it more then anxiety? I can relate to the sleep problem . You are not alone.
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    Undiagnosed Is it more then anxiety?

    Thank you for your reply. I take the lowest dose of xanax for the night time panic attacks. My body is in such a state of alarm that I don't ALLOW the xanax to work in helping me sleep. I am so embarrassed since my son lives at home saving for a house and probably hears the loud noises from my...
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    Undiagnosed Is it more then anxiety?

    I have been suffering for a very long time. At 13 Police were at our door . Something happened to my older brother from what I could understand in my bed waking up from sleep. I heard my parents car leave. Hours later I awoke to my parents screaming over and over that he's dead.A mentally ill...