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    Relationship Are we friends, in a relationship, not flirting enough or is it her PTSD?

    first off I’m 36 and this women is 30 and a Doctor. We meet up/went on dates 7 times. After the first date she told me she wanted to go out again. After the second date she told me “I’m the first guy in a long time she felt like she could have a conversation with” and told me let’s go out...
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    Wife With A Whole Bag Of Problems

    My wife and I have been married for 1.7 years. I love her dearly but, it has been hell. List of my wife's issues: PTSD Depression Anxiety Sleep Disorder ADD IBS Katacaronis Inflamed hemrodes Allergies Asma like simptoms Little over weight Sorry for the spelling. If you don't know some of the...