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    Do I even deserve to go on ?

    I've ended up believing that I might not even deserve a life out of my familiar contest. Growing up I always felt shamed, always got shouted at for little things to the point I feel as if I'm just an automaton incapable of thinking and acting for himself. Acting for myself would just cause me...
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    Dom Violence ongoing guilt and feeling that i exhagerate my problems

    as the title says, i costantly feel guilt over what happened. on top of that i'm always told that i do this for attention, get dismissed as someone uncapable of living on his own and that always had to be taken care of. Growing up, i was subjected to costant punishments and "correctional"...
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    Unwaining fog

    Hi everyone, how are you all doing ? So... Brain fogging or whatever it's called now, I feel constantly surrounded by it. I doze off while eating and start hearing everything feebly, get triggered by even the slightest bit of criticism, but still can't properly articulate. Speaking with my...
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    Sufferer got diagnosed wth ptsd... what now?

    hi everyone. it feels kinda awkward to write in a forum, never thought i'd do that. Nonetheless hi to everyone ! I now know that i have ptsd, got the report just two days ago. at first it felt like a charm "i finally know what's wrong with me!" i said. but the eveything sinked in... Can't no...