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    Altering my core belief of being totally bad & unworthy no matter; corrosive self doubt

    I have a huge issue with this but for me it's more complex because I know it's ridiculous but some other part of me deep inside is stuck on it. I'm always working on clearing things up with myself. and moving forward. Little steps at a time though. Everything I do to this part of me tells me...
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    Victims. Innocents.

    I prefer not to see myself as any of those words, those labels may be useful in certain contexts like victim and survivor but don't die on that hill. Yes I may be technically a survivor and a victim (taking innocence into a context and I believe you could have a whole discussion on that topic as...
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    I'm back, doing better, working on emotional dysregulation

    Glad to hear you're doing much better over the years, so am I actually. I've actually tried microdose THC recently too with THC-V and Delta-8 but they quickly become a bit overwhelming for me as I have littler tolerance. I have mixed feelings on these. The good thing is that they stop my micro...
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    Sufferer Just found this place - PTSD, Autism, & Violence.

    autism spectrum disorder. Thank you! I can't believe I never thought to dig up a forum on this before but it seems very active here with many similar people.
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    State dependent body memories

    Are you me? If it gets that bad with me when it comes to body memory which is always fluctuating since like you it feels like I am almost entirely based on it to try to put that into words, it's become my base "functioning" I go off of and need to work my life around it. I don't fully know what...
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    Sufferer Just found this place - PTSD, Autism, & Violence.

    I am here of course because I'm a PTSD'er with roots in violence and hostile environment. I also have ASD with schizophrenic aspects and this only further complicates things in my life despite my full awareness and experience being as old as I am (29 now).I definitely have some chicken and the...