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    It feels like my mind is splitting in two

    For the longest time, I've felt like the more I thought about a memory, the more vague it became. But tonight, I realized that's not quite accurate. When thinking about bad memories, it feels like my mind splits into two. I have the part that is "playing" the memory and the part that protecting...
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    Is this normal, wanting to stay in a dissociative state?

    Is it normal to not want to leave the altered state you're in? Especially while talking to my therapist, I don't want to leave it because it gets me away from her and her questions to somewhere safe.
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    Is this dissociation?

    Hi. I've been seeing a therapist for a bit over 2 months. I have times where when talking to her, I have periods of time where I know she is talking but I can't really hear her. While that is happening, I notice that I don't quite feel like I'm there anymore, like I'm insulated somehow. Also...