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    I don't know how to say no

    that is it in a nut shell. I am going to have to learn to say no. i can still care and say no; god you would think after all i have been through i would not be afraid of such a small thing like the word no. the more i type it the better i feel so i cant wait to start saying it! thank you both.
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    I don't know how to say no

    i know how bad it sounds and it feels even worse. i dont know if i can tell them to get out. i dont want them to be homeless. my niece has 2 babies. im hoping they will help out more next month. my sister is supposed to get a job but her husband has a tworn mussel in his sholder and needs...
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    I don't know how to say no

    im really having some problems with saying no. my brother has been living with my son and i for a year and a half now and i just got him to start paying me 200. a month. now my sister and her husband and their daughter and 2 grand children moved in with us. and now they do not want to pay...
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    Trust Related To PTSD

    yes you are one hundred % thank you for that tid bit. I never have thought about it like that, but it makes perfict sence to me.
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    Has Anyone Ever Been Falsely Accused?

    warhippy, fist i want to say thank you for serving our country. i am so sorry that you were humilated like that. But i am also thankfull that there are people out there who are willing to stand up and on the truth. I have found it very hard to trust what anyone says to me becouse of the...
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    I Have Been Violated - Computer Bugged

    some one in my house has been bugging my computer. i had to call for tec help becouse im not that computer savey. i feel so mad. i know it is my brother becouse my son cant read let alone figure out anything on his computer he just got his own this past summer. my brother is a computer programer...
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    Having a Hard Time Talking About It All

    hello, I have had ptsd for 26 years and its still hard to talk about it all. But i must say that this forum has helped alot as well as getting the right therapist. she works for the at first i didnot trust her but in starting to open up to her and she is helping me to...
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    I Don't Know Whats Going On With Me Lately

    My appt. with the va and the dr was very nice. she set me up with the med and got me appts with the right specialists. the pyc. put me on another antidepresent. on top of the other ones. so now im on three different ones. I got my refills from the va in the mail and the meds for my ms are...
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    Keep On Crashing When I Get Home

    Poff, yes i do. when ever i go out for more than a couple of hour's. im not sure if its my M.S. or my PTSD or both. Also when I do alot of house work or gro. shoping. Being out in crowded places is really a big trigger too. i thought i was the only one, thank you for you post.
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    ED Eating disorders - ptsd?

    Yes its part of the ptsd. after i got out of the military they first diagnosed me with anaroxiea i got down to 93 lbs my family dr that treated me as i grewup told me that if i didnt start eating he was going to put me in the hospital. so I ate, a little bet at a time. I still do not have an...
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    Panic Attack In Shopping Centre

    I dont know if everyone that has Ptsd has this problem but i do. When i go any where at one point i get the panic attack's. i dont know what triggers it but it happens and when i start to feel it i have to go. i get out of the situation as fast as i can. Breathing and concentrating on just...
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    Toward My Healing

    Love right back to you. i hope your doing better. sorry i have been out a couple of days. keep healing keep writing posting as you help others as well as yourself. I too am thankful for this place and the honest caring people and comments. Take care Mar. I.J.N. slhlilbit
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    Toward My Healing

    i have read things on this forum that have helped me so much but not one as powerful as this one. Thank you .
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    I Want To Say I'm Sorry

    Oh my Goodness. I just got an email reply from the woman that signed my guest book on classmates. I thought about the pictures that she posted and wondered if she knew what happend to me while i was in service as she was in boot when i was she a later graduaion day, then she was stationed at...
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    I Thought I Was Ok - My Offenders Posted In Front Of Me

    again i mean. becouse with them i have had to prove the truth over and over.
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    I Want To Say I'm Sorry

    I am truley sorry for the way i have been complaing about stuped thing. :crazy-blu :dummy-spi i have acted like a baby and im so sorry. i know now that i have been stuped and child like. my grandson is so wise for such a young person. We have had alot of fun while he has been with me this...
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    Explosion In South London

    crazypj , i can so relate. i have had the same thing happen to me. i keep all my recepts no matter what they are for.
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    Has Anyone Ever Been Falsely Accused?

    no they had me put it in a differnt place than usual. and it was not sealed nor was it locked in anything. i did ask for another one and assume it was negative as they did give me my med.'s. it just upset me becouse they said i tested positive and i have been so good i have had the opertunity to...
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    Has Anyone Ever Been Falsely Accused?

    i have a problem i was accused of having a poitve ua for pot. i know it was falce. i have not smoked any in over a year. i did not somke much when i did. but i did it becouse i coudlnt eat. now i force myself to eat at least once a day. i have been going to a private dr where i never tested...
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    I Thought I Was Ok - My Offenders Posted In Front Of Me

    well there is something i can do i can have an independent party that is leagaly able to test me for drugs so when they accuse me i can prove the truth.
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    Question About Actions - PTSD Used As An Excuse

    I know the ptsd causes increased phys. pain. ptsd can kill you. it has a profound effect on your body as well as your mind and your relationships. i dont know you or your mom but my own experance with myself and my daughter, it hard but worth the effort to understand eachother. this is a hard...
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    How Do You Change Your Ways For The Better?

    lorry, hi, im sorry you are having so much trouble this morning. you will be ok you are feeling is normal and you will over come this. its not easy and we all have bad days some i have had for a week or two at a time but just look at how far you have come and dont let them win you are a fighter...
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    Hope Is a Big Word! Not The Same As Wishing

    Rob, you are right with out hope i wouldnt want to live in this world the way it is.
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    Ever Get a Call and Nobody On The Other End?

    there were some things that they did when i took the urine they sent me to a different room to pee in the cup noone watched me and they had me put my urine in a different place than your supposed to. yesterday i went in the lab bathroom still no one watched me and i put it in the lab door. i...
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    I Thought I Was Ok - My Offenders Posted In Front Of Me

    there is really not much elce i could do.