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    Sexual Assault Will the Anger and Sadness Ever End?

    Lately during therapy that I go to 5 days a week for 3.5 hours, and when I am asked in the beginning of group therapy how I am feeling, I always feel like I do not know what to say. Sometimes when I explain myself I cannot even finish a whole sentence or I go sideways upside down up and down...
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    BPD Living with BPD

    I have been working everyday towards accepting my BPD, and having a hard time while grieving letting go of drugs that I do have a very messy relationships with. Addiction will always be there, and so will this disorder. I'm wondering if other people that struggle with a disorder like borderline...
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    Sufferer Suffering from GAD, MDD, PTSD, Bipolar 2, BPD, Drug Addiction

    Hi, My name is Lauren and I'm on here to try out some options I have towards sites like this. I'm coming to the end of intense treatment I go to during the day and work as much as I can. My ptsd symptoms come out during work but it has been getting better each shift. From my BPD, I am scared of...