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    I want to feel safe, little rant

    I want to feel safe so that I can be alive. I want to be able to eat, drink, sleep and literally anything without doing tons of precautions. It feels so hopeless. My therapist recommended that I talk to the scared part of me but I honestly think there is no point in that since it is me that...
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    Flashback problems - Problems eating

    So yesterday my mother came by after touching one of my biggest triggers. Even thiigh she washed her hands I am in a total flashback. I can't eat anymore. Everything feels dangerous and contaminated. I am horrified that my whole world could break at just a wrong move. I haven't really eaten for...
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    I subconciously don't allow myself to sleep

    I am so weak. I truly thought just walking more would help me regain strength after over a year of almost all the time being in bed. It didn't. The less I sleep the weaker I am. I was meant to catsit. Just feed twice a day but I didn't tell my neigbhbours about my messed up sleeping pattern...
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    How to cope

    I am so exhausted. My ocd/cptsd keeps me up all night. I don't allow myself to sleep. Usually I would sleep dringend the day but I am raising puppy and she needs to be walked. I can barely keep myself awake during the day. But I just never feel safe enough to sleep. **I clicked on post...
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    I want to feel safe help

    Honestly. I have this horrible mix between cptsd and ocd. Ever since childhood my ocd made me feel safe but it also has a habit of demanding more and more and more for this feeling. I don't even remember how safety felt like. I only know that cute children stuff comforts me a bit. Star night...