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    How do I deal with Rageholic sister

    Hello i really need help my relationship with my rageholic sister is making me feel sick and crazy inside. her default response to any situation is to rage and course the maximum amount of harm to the object of her anger ..regardless of how in the wrong the other person is or is not its always...
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    Feeling so angry with family

    I feel so angry with my family right now. I have CPTSD as a result of all the violence and neglect and addiction that went on in my family system then of course i developed all the problems that came with that..then I was visiting sister recently then she got drunk and turned around and said to...
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    Need Help to begin overcoming fantasy addiction

    Hello On my trauma recovery journey i have identified most of my life I have been a fantasy addict. as a child it was a way of disscociating from the circumstances. Feels tricky though its not like you can go to a fantasy addicts anon meeting and how do i cope when it is my own mind i am...