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  1. anthony

    Hearing weird things when you wake up

    Yes and No! The site is for those with PTSD AND/OR those who have endured trauma that meets PTSD diagnosis, though may not have sought diagnosis OR may not meet all the criteria, BUT they did endure trauma of the severity for PTSD. We are not a trauma first website, because trauma is a very...
  2. anthony

    Madness, Insanity & The World Wide Web

    Serious brain fart day today. Left my keys sitting in my post box door... got the mail inside, went home, couldn't get in. Bugger! Fastest I've ever travelled from home to the post office (not far, only 300m), and thankfully they were still there. My anxiety spiked so high it freaked me out. The...
  3. anthony

    More on cptsd and narcissism - assessing oneself

    Many of us have dark humour and / or are sarcastic. Its just hard to do in words and we have to pretty much say "sarcasm" or such to ensure nobody is confused. Just the whole text issue the www brings with it.
  4. anthony

    Sufferer Hi - I have shut myself off from everyone and everything and find it hard to communicate w/ others and my T thinks this being anonymous might help

    Hey. Yep, anonymity and PTSD can go well together to get a person started on self work.
  5. anthony

    Are my rape nightmares connected to a flashback

    She dismissed your memory, yet wanted you to report it to send him to jail.
  6. anthony

    Are my rape nightmares connected to a flashback

    OMG... that's a mind f*ck for you in one statement.
  7. anthony

    Are my rape nightmares connected to a flashback

    Memory is a cluster f*ck. The longer between a memory and attempted recollection, the more likely the memory is skewed. Not to say an event did not happen, but your recollection may now contain many inaccuracies compared to the actual event. This is the very problem with trauma. What is real and...
  8. anthony

    Not Ok

    When super depressed... best thing you can do is move your butt out the door and start walking. Just walk anywhere, but the mild exercise will typically do the trick to help.
  9. anthony

    Madness, Insanity & The World Wide Web

    Typically state and national forest tracks. Victoria has one of the largest and best places in the world, Victorian High Country. Steep, easy to very difficult, lots of water crossings. If you explored it every day of your life, you would die before you seen it all. A lot out there. The VHC is a...
  10. anthony

    Madness, Insanity & The World Wide Web

    Life is pretty ok. I'm always working on me, yet that work is less and less as the years go forward. I can do more than I could 10 years ago, that's for sure, yet if I do too much, or am stressed too much, I still fall down. The good side is that I only fall down for a day, maybe two, and I'm...
  11. anthony

    The End Game

    That is very much living with PTSD wrapped up in one tiny statement. Put your energy and focus where it matters.
  12. anthony

    EMDR what happened?...or didn't.

    I wouldn't say that about any therapy type in relation to blaming. You are literally blaming the OP because they said it hasn't worked for them. I agree that client therapist relationship is a lot to do with therapy. If one type of therapy does not work for someone, try another. We are all...
  13. anthony

    New Donation System

    Unbeknownst to members, other than admins, the donation system has had some issues. The developer wasn't keen on fixing the issues either, so I've changed it out to one that is maintained, simple and works correctly. All donations are still approved manually, but the system integrates correctly...
  14. anthony

    Security / Stability Update May 22

    Some further security upgrades to the server now live.
  15. anthony

    Supporter Hello, I'm Dave. My partner has C-PTSD.

    Its a pickle, for sure. Welcome to the site. Knowing something and experiencing it, two very different things. You can deal with trauma clients day in, day out, but you aren't living with them, which is an entirely different experience. I think its a good thing for your fiancée that you have...
  16. anthony

    The ptsd cup explanation

    Glad it helped. Something else to help him will be: The Iceberg Of Emotions As a combat vet, it was me trying to understand why I got so angry about stupid shit, that helped me the most control my response. It didn't happen overnight, and took some years to master, but my response today is very...
  17. anthony

    Security / Stability Update May 22

    I have just finished an update to the sites security and stability. If you notice anything weird, please use contact us to discuss. If you have local browser issues, drop your browser cache and cookie for before reaching out, to ensure its not your browser that is corrupted.
  18. anthony

    Madness, Insanity & The World Wide Web

    Yep, exactly. Many authors write their experience and opinions, which are great, but not scientific data. Experience and opinions are the spice of life, but factual data is pretty handy to have around as to whether something is worth the time or not.
  19. anthony

    Madness, Insanity & The World Wide Web

    Pretty much, yes. I use it as a reference more than anything, but read over it to start with for anything that jumps out at me. The references are just the best. I used to do similar as you are now, go find interesting cited studies and such then read them. It became a time consuming...
  20. anthony

    Childhood Looking for opinions, brainstorming

    Your feelings are your feelings, neither right nor wrong, they are yours and yours to decide what is valid or not. Not sure I would toss that into an abuse category. Who was being abused exactly if you're of the same / similar age and she stripped off her clothes only? Being naked by itself is...
  21. anthony

    Complete Deleting account

    Account will be deleted.
  22. anthony

    Leaving This Site.

    Locked. We do not delete threads upon member request.
  23. anthony

    What Did You Eat And Drink Last?

    Mexican Pizza and Coke No Sugar. Talk about a calamity of food choices.
  24. anthony

    Last movie or tv series you watched?

    Watching Taboo on Netflix at the moment.
  25. anthony

    What Is On Your Mind Right This Second?

    I need to sleep. That is what's on my mind right this second. Lots of sleep needed.