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    I wanted to save the marriage. Now I want to GTFO ASAP

    Looks like it’s been the first time in almost 4 years I’ve been on this forum. I miss y’all. My last year has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride. Not in terms of my mind, I’ve been relatively sane, but with the actual events going on. so 2019, first time in my adult life I finally found and...
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    Grown adult scared of electricity

    I didn’t have this problem 4 years ago. But I realized this was a problem when I was unplugging my drier from the wall. It’s powered by one of those dedicated high amp plugs so about 240V/shittonofamps. I was literally shaking to unplug it. So scared of getting shocked that I grabbed a dry towel...
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    Creepy old ladies

    I’ve always felt uneasy around old women who can’t control their urge to gab your arm or get uncomfortably close. Quite frankly if an old man had done that to a girl my age (23) it would likely enrage bystanders. So today I was checking the mail and there was this old lady that always seems to...
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    Motivated myself to do 3 projects in one day

    I’ve been teaching myself graphic design for a few months now. My grandma called me last night saying tradesmen like mechanics and machinists have started wearing rubber wedding bands. And I happened to have a 3D printer so when my grandma voluntold me to make some rings, I jumped on it this...
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    Paranoia rising again

    So a few days ago some guy I knew ran into me the other day, scoffed at called me a maggot. No big deal right? Anyways this guy literally waited in his car for who knows how long until I was in the post office. Now I’m convinced this degenerate is stalking me. It’s not the first time I walked...
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    “sleep scrapping”

    I know I have a lot of anger built up but I’m just so good at bottling it up so nobody gets hurt. Considering I haven’t thrown a punch at someone In six years I’m somewhat impressed with myself. But that usually translates to sleep walking, sleep talking, and sometimes sleep fighting, which...
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    How do i control my dissociation at work?

    f*k this is bad. It's to the point sometimes I can't even remember the second word to a sentence. And I'm really iffy on taking meds for my lack of focus when I need to focus. I don't want to lose an other job over this shit. Any advice?
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    Meds are great but i f***in hate them

    so family doctor prescribes me some trazodone 100mg. Figured 100 was too much since I slept forever on it, so I split them into 50s. Works great. Overthinking screeches to a halt at night, but then I have even worse memory problems in the day. Last night was the second night (or third, idk my...
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    Poll Has Continuous Exposure To Triggers Desensitized You?

    For me, it doesn't desensitize me at all. There are just good days and bad days. Usually bad days, and that's when anything can set me off.
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    Getting Better At Expressing Myself

    Noticed im picking up my guitar more often. Its been months since ive done that. Also i got back into drafting. Made a kickass design for a kiridashi. Also got sanding a table, although it got ruined by rain, i guess ill use the wood for something different. Im not gonna let this stop my...
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    I Guess Stray Dogs Are A Trigger Now?

    So my wife sent me out to buy a bag of candy (shes pregnant so her cravings tell me what to do :rolleyes:). So im walking, mind you its sundown, and this dog shows up and decides to follow me. Right away i get off the sidewalk and walk on the road, making distance, with a hand on my knife. I...
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    Poll Do You Have Tinnitus?

    Please only sufferes may take the quiz. Im wanting to know if theres a correlation between ptsd and tinnitus. For those who dont know, tinnitus is a ringing, humming, or roaring tone in your ear. It can be caused by ear or brain injury, sometimes theres no cause. Ive had constant ringing in...
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    When Does An Invasive Memory Become A Flashback?

    Ive been in a few distrubing moments where my memories manifested almost like a flashback, but not sure. It must have been years since i had a moment where i felt like i was back in a certain time or place and forgetting where i really was. But heres a few scenarios. 1. A repressed memory...
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    Poll Do You Have A Trigger That You Or Your Peers Dont Understand?

    We have peers that are generally supportive of us, even when they dont understand something about you or your past. But are there some triggers or reactions that you, or even your peers dont get? For me, i still dont get why i will block or dodge something, even when nothing is moving towards...
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    Gave Her A Knife, Swore On My Life

    When my wife and i just started dating, this is when i really opened up about my traumatic childhood and teen years. I told her i was genuinely terrified of becoming something like the people that hurt and violated me. You know the whole product of environment bullshit? I believed that. I also...
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    But I Could Have Stopped It

    Someone told me I couldn't have possibly stopped the abuse happening at home and at school, from age 9-12, but I know that's a lie, because there have been times I was able to throw a teacher on his ass. I was 75 lbs soaking wet and this guy was 190 lbs of muscle and was training to be a cop. He...
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    Repressed Emotions, Can't Even Write

    If you met me, you'd see me as talkative, kind of a witty smartass and sort of a know it all depending on what we're talking about. But a lot of this tends to be a face. I like being talkative and such, but Yeah my emotions just don't show. Not quite a cronic btch face thing, just not showing...
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    Aromatherapy And Essential Oils

    Personally I use lavender on the more.... questionable nights. What do you guys use that works for you?
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    My Wife Is Seriously My Rock

    I dont know what I'd do without her. She's had my back as much as I've had hers. And we've been through hell and we're only halfway back. This weekend has been really bad for us. This morning the pastor told me a rumour he heard about me abusing my own wife. I wish she was already at the church...
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    Poll What Is Your Oldest Confirmed Memory?

    Doesn't need to just be flashbacks or trauma related, but what is the oldest memory you can remember with at least two senses, touch and sight. Personally I remembered one time I was in a hospital, I must have been 1.5 years old. I had a family member confirm it too. I wanna know because some...
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    I Feel Like They Know

    You know how animals just know things humans are usually oblivious about? They know when a storms coming, some animals know when a womans pregnant before she knows, and know if they can't trust a person. I used to be a butcher on the kill floor. The job itself was uneasy but someone has to do...
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    Trigger Warnings For Unexpected Movies

    This tread is where you can mention a movie, likely a movie that someone might not expect to have triggering content, for example we all know war and horror movies are triggering by nature. Beside the movie, list the unexpected trigger warning. Also, share the list everywhere. I want this...
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    I Laugh When I Shouldn't

    I dont know why, but my go-to way of masking or coping with my negative emotions is laughing. I guess my mind doesn't want me to open up about how I really feel. Maybe because people fed off of my fear and pain growing up. Seriously, watching alien, I laugh at the scary parts. I'm venting to...
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    Physical "flashbacks"?

    One form of "flashback" I have is when I think of a memory, or when a memory decides to show up, I feel a sense of being touched, or my body is stuck back to that time, while the rest of my senses are here and now, and my body moves accordingly. Like one time someone walked up behind me, I...
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    It Just Dawned On Me, I've Been Sober For 5 Months.

    Last time I got drunk was in the middle of september. A few months ago I had one of those mini bottles of rum in the house I've had for years, decided to sip that because I didn't want to just chuck it. But I'm amazed I've been sober for so long, knowing I'm literally a block away from a liquor...