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    Last of the freeze-fawn-derived relationships: MOVING ON!

    [Long! Questions at the end if you want to skip the backstory but feel inclined to respond.] Three yrs ago, I moved far away and went no-contact with a bunch of remnant relationships that were initiated and maintained by my abusive pd x-spouse (with several Co morbid psychiatric disorders)...
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    Sufferer This shoe fits, it seems - TBI, Narcolepsy, & PTSD.

    Hi all; thanks for being here. I delayed diagnosis because I have health problems and I’m very familiar with the medical profession’s relegating anything other than severe physical damage to mental health where I live, and I couldn’t risk that until recently. I also have a traumatic brain...
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    Help with choosing a therapist- gender and triggers

    After reading Pete Walker’s cPTSD book, twice, and almost 4 decades of trying to sort things out on my own, I want to find a trauma therapist. I’ve seen two counsellors briefly in the last 3 yrs who both left their practices after I’d had a few sessions with them. They were both kind, and I...