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    Can Anyone Make Sense Out Of My Therapist?

    This has been weighing on me as to weather or not I should even post it. I have a new Psychotherapist because my old one graduated in June. I've seen him about 4 or maybe 5 times and this last time he really freaked me out. I've never had a therapist confuse me like he did. I asked him again...
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    BPD Ptsd and bpd - how can you tell if a person has both?

    I was wondering how one can figure out that a person has BPD when they have PTSD too. I actually went and looked BPD up again after Fin was banned, and I still don't understand it. My doctor gave me that diagnosis about 6-8 months ago and I asked him to explain it to me and he said they...
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    How to Release Feelings From the Body?

    I have a question on this theory and would like some insight. I found a post from Anthony in the "Pain Management" section (It's posted below). Every month when I go through my menstrual cycle my body is in extreme pain along with headaches and knots in my neck. Also, I get canker sores, fever...
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    Struggling With Revenge Thoughts

    I'm having a real dilemma of wanting revenge. Last year I went on a canoe trip with my in-laws and they (only a few) purposely ruined it for me. I asked the one in charge what time we were leaving in the morning so I would be up and ready, and he said he "wasn't sure". Then I asked his wife...
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    What is the Nicest Thing Anyone Has Ever Said To You?

    I was thinking about all of the great people I've known throughout my life. Some hurt me and some didn't. Some inspired me while others belittled me. Then I thought about who the most important person was to me. It's a toss up between my sister and my dad (who are both deceased now)...
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    Learning to Resolve Conflict Effectively

    I did something I don't think I've ever done in my life today. I was at my uncle's house cleaning for him and he told me he was having issues with his neighbors. They have been trying to irritate each other to the point it has gotten out of hand and threats were made. I told him that I would...
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    When To Take A Break From Healing?

    OK, I have been focusing on my healing for at least 3 years and there is more work to be done. eh! However, my husband needs some time to sort some things out for himself. I have decided to quit taking several medications and start taking Prozac to numb myself up so he can work out his issues...
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    I'm Starting To Get Paranoid

    I'm starting to get paranoid and I'm not trusting people and their motives. I wonder if I should stay out of the forum until this passes because I might offend someone. Or maybe I should I stay in here and try to get past the paranoia and if someone is trying to trigger me I can learn to...
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    Opinions About Coping Methods

    The anniversary of the rape and beating is December 18th, and I usually get loopy and crave alcohol around mid November then snap out of it around mid January. I generally don't drink because I just don't want to, not because I have a problem with it. However, I used to drink every night...
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    Advice on Should I Start a Program for PTSD?

    I'm thinking about starting a community service program where I live that is similar to alcoholics anonymous, but only for PTSD. I haven't done all of the research yet, but I'm going to get started on how to set it all up, and I want to ask if anyone here is doing something like this or has...
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    Is Anyone Else Having Problems With Yahoo Mail?

    I can't get into Yahoo and I don't want to get on the phone and spend hours to find out if it's my computer or if Yahoo is acting up? My computer is running slow with the internet explorer but Firefox seems to pop right up. I'm not sure? Tammy
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    Who Has Uncovered Repressed Memories?

    I am trying to figure out if I want to move forward in uncovering some repressed memories. I'm not even sure if they are memories because they are so vague, and feel more like weird feelings. With that said, I was hoping anyone here that had repressed memories and was able to uncover them...
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    How Do You Feel About Your Parents?

    All I ever read in here is how bad everyones parents have been. I don't have a good memory but I don't ever recall seeing someone say something positive about a parent. I would like to take the time and start this post to see if anyone in here can find at least one nice thing to say about their...
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    My Doctor Called in Sick Again

    VENT Ok, once again my doctor called in sick on a Friday (3rd time in 3 months) and guess what happened...... I didn't get all of my medication AGAIN!!!!!! I was bitching about this last month and about 3 months ago. I'm going to ask him if he is sick with a terminal illness or if he likes...
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    I Just Started EFT And It's Working

    I just started EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) 3 days ago and I'm already noticing an improvement. I have Acid Reflux real bad and so I started with that issue first. I did it 3 times in the course of the past two days and I woke up this morning and had minimal symptoms. I was having...
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    Teenage Boy - I Need Help With Triggers

    I don't want to discuss my issue in open forum because I'm worried someone in my family may read this. If anyone has a teenage boy will you please PM me and I will tell you what is going on and maybe you can help me. Thanks in advance Tammy
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    Vent - The Nurse at my Dr's Office is Playing Games

    *Vent* I posted this a couple of months ago about how my doctor's nurse wont get my medication refilled for me on time, and I was seeing red and ready to go off on her. She did it again (4th time). I called on Tuesday to inform her my medication was to be ready today/Friday and she claimed...
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    Are You a Picky Eater?

    I am having a horrible time finding food that I like these days. It seems that everything tastes bad. I have never been able to cook a meal and really enjoy it because I can't cook. Also, I can't eat anything without dumping a ton of salt on it. I don't know why or what is causing me to have...
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    Does Any One Have a Problem Watching Scary Movies?

    The last two times I watched a scary movie I had a panic attack. I used to be able to watch them and not have any problems. I was wondering if this is happening because I'm not taking anti-depressants any longer or if I just can't handle the fear as well as I used to. I'm hoping this will...
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    Waking Up in Fear and Panic

    I have been waking up in a state of fear and panic the last two nights. I think something is about to come into my consciousness. I had a dream last night that wasn't a nightmare but it indicated that I was tired and worn down and that there is something that needs to be fixed and I don't have...
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    Let's Talk About Our Trust Issues

    This is in response to Grama Hercs post about telling our T's everything. At some point down the road when I get to know mine better I would love to be able to tell him everything. He almost put me in the hospital just because I had suicide in the back of my mind. I told him that this was...
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    I'm Taking Up a New Project

    I'm getting a keyboard for my birthday and I'm going to learn to play the piano. I won't be online as often (I hope) because I'm some what dependent on my groups. But this is a new endeavor that I've always wanted to learn, and I'm going to take some classes at the Community College as soon as...
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    I Went Sledding Today and Learned to Snowboard

    Today my brother-in-law called and wanted to take my daughter sledding. I drove her over to his house and asked if I could go. We had so much fun sledding and then I decided I wanted to try to snow board. So my BIL let me use his board and I practiced. I wiped out quite a few times but...
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    I'm About To Lose It!

    I was denied disability again and this really added fuel to the current issue of being molested. SS told me I had 10 days to get my medical records from my current psych doctor and denied me within 5 days of sending the letter, without those records. I will be calling them in the morning with...
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    Advice Please - Should I Try to Remember Being Molested?

    I have been told by a therapist about 12 years ago that I probably was molested as a child. I didn't believe it because I thought my symptoms were from when I was raped at age 15. When I was pregnant with my daughter I had some type of flash back or memory. At the time I didn't know to much...