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    Lucky To Be Here, Lucky To Live

    More and more find myself feeling lucky...kind of ironic with some of the things that have happened, you might think. I am lucky to be here, lucky to appreciate the sounds around me, lucky to enjoy a foggy morning or a sunny morning. Lucky to feel lucky again. And lucky to know what those...
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    News PTSD Mimicking Concussion / Brain Injury

    Hi All Many of us have suffered a blow, or multiple blows to the head, or been near explosions which form part of the diagnosis of PTSD...however, it may also be that a concussion/mTBI (mild traumatic brain injury) is present, also often referred to as post concussion syndrome. Apart from...
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    Looking For Board Contact

    I am just testing if this is the direct way to contact you with any questions, and whether this is possible. Thanks for forwarding it back to me, I am not sure whether it will reach my personal email or my message board here and whether any comments can remain private or are all public...