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    Been Away For Awhile

    Hi all I just wanted to tell you all that I have been in the hospital for the last few days so I haven't been on line. I missed you guys. I have diverticulitis but am on the road to recovery. I have been on pain medication cause I have been in a lot of pain. As long as I take them as...
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    I'm Growing So Much!

    I went to a womens meeting by myself last night! It was huge! It seems like there were a thousand people there! I not only stayed for the whole meeting but also introduced myself to the group! This was terrifying but, I did it! After the meeting some people came up and introduced themselves...
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    1 Yr. Anniversary

    Today is my 1 yr anniversary on this forum! It has helped me to grow so much in the last year. I think my first post was Isolation- Struggling to Meet New Friends. Now it has been about maintaining friendships and keeping out the bad guys. You know Boundaries and stuff. I've come a long way but...
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    Got Out of My Comfort Zone

    Hey everybody! Guess what I did. Never mind I'll just tell ya. I went to an AA meeting all by myself last night. This was a major accomplishment on so many levels. I am agoraphobic for one thing. Also I thought I could stop self medicating all on my own. I have disproved this theory time and...
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    Poll Do You Listen To Grunge Or Alternative Rock And Why?

    I love grunge and alternative music because i can relate well to most of it. IT FEELS LIKE THEY'RE TELLING MY STORY.
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    The Helium Poet

    A four hundred pound man, a helium poet! Had a looking glass soul, but no one would know it! He was known as a lover... of everything! He was misunderstood, this spherical king! A four hundred pound man, with saddlebag thighs! To see the big picture, look first past his size! But most people...
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    Enlighten me!

    For my first blog I decided to write my first and only published poem. I think it must've been influenced by my PTSD. What do you guys think? Where is my Buddha? Where is my light? Where are my angels that come in the night? Where is my saviour? Where is my hope? Where is my invite to drink...
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    General PTSD and Homelessness

    I don't know what to do or who else to turn to but you carers! I have a close friend who also has PTSD and has recently become homeless. I desperately want to help her but I've already given her over $1000.00 and I want to give her more but my mom, my therapist and my psychiatrist all seem to be...
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    I Went Out And Sung Karaoke

    I went out last night. That was an accomplishment in and of itself! I also sang two songs, even though I had anxiety! It was hard cause I couldn't breathe very well but I sang both songs all the way through. Also, a friend of the family was there and she told me to "get over it" (my mom told...
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    They Just Don't Get It! My Family's View of PTSD

    Okay, here it goes... The other day my dad asked me how I was doing. Well, lately I've been having a lot of nightmares which in turn has increased my other symptoms ie, anxiety flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, etc. So I told him, "So - so, just PTSD stuff." He asked me if it was my stuff or was...
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    Redding, CA

    Anyone out there in northern CA?
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    Therapy Dilemma

    Recently my counselor was out on sick leave and I had some very important issues come up about my earliest traumas. There was a therapist on call so I set up an appointment. Well, so far I've had two appointments with her and I feel like I've done more work in those appointments than I have the...
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    Breathing and Grounding

    I've noticed a few cries for help in this forum and something from the hospital just came to me. First, don't forget to breath. It helps really. second if you haven't learned how to ground yourself, talk to your therapist. Hopefully they can teach you some techniques that work for you. If not...
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    Isolation - struggling to meet new friends

    I recently graduated from a ptsd program after being a shut-in for the last two years. Now I'm supposed to make new friends. I did well in the program and all that good stuff but, I still fear having new people in my life. I made a few friends in the program but, those are long distance...