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    Poll Do You Feel Guilty For PTSD Related Behaviour?

    Lately my daughter feels very guilty for how she has acted in the past, when her PTSD was largely unmanaged. How she treated the family and others, and so forth. Some of what she did was wrong, yes. However. Vast majority was simply due to her being ill. Survival and anxiety related actions. The...
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    General Found The Man Who Molested My Daughter.

    My daughter was molested by a priest as a little girl. Didn't cause her PTSD. However. She's had problems associated with it. Wife and I have been searching for the man for a time. Got the runaround from the Church on his location. Infuriating but to be expected. However. Finally we found the...
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    Poll Do You Collapse Under Stress?

    Do any of you collapse, physically or emotionally, when stress or problems become too much? And then have to rest in bed for a day or more? That is my question. Hope its clear enough.
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    Poll Do You Experience Separation Anxiety?

    With spouse, parents, children and so forth - do you have troubles whilst you are away from them overnight or longer? Get anxious, worry about anyone or feel very homesick for them? Much appreciated for your answers. Jim.
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    Different Types of Depression?

    Know the DSM lists different types of depression. However. Not a big fan of the DSM, and wanted to ask the opinion of you sufferers. Notice many on here get depressed. Well. When my daughter is depressed, best thing for her is a swift kick in the arse. Works, gets her out of it quickly. She's...
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    Evie's Trip To London

    Evie is feeling rather down on herself currently. However. Whether she wishes to admit it or not, she performed exceptionally well whilst in London this past week. No panic attacks in spite of being in many crowds. Went shopping, tried on clothes and looked at herself in the mirror. Literally...
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    General Frustrated - Evie Retreats

    The wife and I are becoming worried for Evie, some hurts/resentments she is having trouble getting past. Won't mention details here, but there are several hurts. Some to do with the forum, some to do with other areas of her life. However. All seem to revolve around my son's death. Have tried to...
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    Recent Tragedy Precludes Us Participating For Some Time Here

    Due to recent tragedy in our immediate family, think it would be best if Humphrey be sent on to someone else at this time, and come back to Evie at a later date. Have no idea if she made arrangements to send him elsewhere after her. Whomever he is to go to would please contact me with the...
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    Jim's Mental Imagery

    WARNING: If you plan on submitting your own mental imagery interview for assessment, DO NOT read the proceeding first, instead fill out your own interview first, then read these, so your current mental image is not skewed, resulting in a possible inaccurate emotional state being returned to you...
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    Thank You All - Early Deployment to Afghanistan

    As I have several family obligations to attend to before deploying to Afghanistan, tonight will be my last forum visit. Did want to say much thanks, on behalf of myself and wife Kathy, for all the support and advice we've received here. All input has been exceedingly helpful. Much appreciated...
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    Troubles Tonight - Coping With Trauma Hysterics

    My apologies, I've not really introduced myself here properly, but I am batgirl's uncle. We had a big problem with her tonight so I needed to write. I have returned from a short trip to the base. I knew it was upsetting my niece, my going to the base and then coming back. She was "triggered"...