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    Does anyone else get other weird symptoms from PTSD?

    A question, if you will. Is it just me or perhaps something else to worry me, or does anyone else get other weird symptoms? I seem to get a low hum or buzz which is intermitten. Started about the same time as the PTSD kicked off and I have all but pulled my home apart looking for the source...
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    I’m So Angry

    I’ve been with this man for over two years. First year of Covid he lived with me. Between that and CPTSD it was stressful and Christmas 2020 we temporarily split. Best thing ever as this led to me meeting a Counsellor who has straightened my brain and helped me get more control. It also...
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    I’m done

    I’m really struggling. I have been for a while. I’ve watched my partner become more and more engrossed with LinkedIn while I struggle to sleep. He has become more distant while I struggle to support him and I’ve hit a family anniversary that’s painful and he chooses now to end the...
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    I’m here….I’m new….but what’s not new is I can’t sleep

    Does anyone else seem to be existing on a couple of hours sleep each night? I was an eight hour a night sleeper but that’s gone since this dreaded CPTSD. I’m not even half awake. I’m totally buzzing. My mind is doing overtime as usual. I’m on the edge of panic. Does anyone have solutions?