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    Im going to try to hang on!

    I cant seem to grasp anything , I know what alot of you are saying , i get it when you see a therapist you learn the lingo, but I dont give two about the lingo or jargon , this is why i dont / wont go see anyone, I dont want hear fancy terms , or shit you read in psychology journals , I want...
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    If i dont know something how am avoiding it?

    The reason i say this is as a child , i referred to this before in little league baseball, " dont go inside the shed" , the baseball coach would tell the kids " go get the equipment ready, and wait til i get there" , ok so , i dont even remember what the coach looked liike or his name or...
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    music that helps

    So I love music, but what really slows me down , my breathing become shallow is soft trance music , id urge everyone whos super anxious to listen to it , the slow continuous beats , i love it
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    whats its called when you do something , its going over board

    like if i cant figure out something , ill stay up all night to figure it out , i guess like an addiction? sadly i think as read further on into this new world (this forum) , I see myself a little or alot in many ways what some else has said he/she fears , i may as well , what's the meaning of...
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    So I woke up i thought on Thursday morning ready for work , i looked at the time i thought , took a shower , got dressed , got in my car drove , about half way there I noticed its "still dark" wtf , i drove in ,parked I'm missing a couple hours ? i thought it 640 am it was 440 am , i went...
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    Im wondering the thoughts of others , I took 2 hits one night and few days later took 6 hits , the reason for this was not to be cool (i was in college) , granted i probably looked "cool" to the others , I climbed the rain gutter to the top of the A dorm (evergreen state college) and pulled...
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    Sufferer Maximum Federal Penitentiary, Hostage, USMC, & Childhood Trauma. 10 years without issue until MVA last March.

    I've learned to hide it for the most part . Like Tinnitus , I only hear it when I'm not concentrating , I've had multiple experiences with death and bodily harms , not so much me ( haha ,I'm still alive) anyway 14 years of working in a Maximum Federal Penitentiary , having been a hostage a few...