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    Support groups

    How do I find a good one? It's going to be hard for me to get out a lot during this season. Could I have some tips on what kind may be good, or a good approach to start looking for one?
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    Had a crazy nightmare

    It seemed like the devil himself was asking me "Why can't I have you" Ugh cause I'm not yours! I pushed this psycho lady into a lower ditch, her head bled out. She was trying to trap/force me at her house then a ghost took over her and said "Why can't I have you" I was too frozen in fear...
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    I'm really big into growing. I'm just intermediate level but it's therapeutic so I figure talking about it could be therapeutic also.
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    Vraylar / Reagila (Cariprazine)

    What can you tell me about your experience with it?
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    Ending the cycle of running away.

    I shared in my diary that I "lit my marriage on fire" Believed lies to end the marriage. I feel awful. For my family. Because of myself. I welcome the conviction to change. My family loves me. And other than correcting my behavior is there anything I can do to help myself with the running...
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    self-compassion work

    T has me researching how to change my negative self talk because its atrocious (I had to erase a few more describing words, perhaps I am already being nicer to myself!) we can remedy negative self talk (self loathing etc) with self-compassion I liked this website also to add, worksheets to...
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    Sick and tired

    If that's not all of us sometimes idk what is. I want to give up. Told my therapist that and she could hear I'm not happy with that decision. She gave me goals she would have for me. Which I settled within myself are great choices of next steps for me. One of the goals is going back to my Dr...
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    Feelings wheel

    And I love this wheel My husband and I are in the THICK of it again after feeling some clearing. My T helped me come to grips with not making any decisions while being emotionally charged And I sent this to my husband who has a hard time identifying feeling and we both just shared all of our...
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    Nad+ therapy

    Has anyone ever done NAD+ therapy? Aka Nad+ drip. ?
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    anyone else on med withdrawal right now?

    Just looking for anyone withdrawing any med right now to talk with It's like People don't get it!!!!!!! So frustrating
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    Cant sleep - Place to visit when you're up late.

    Place to visit when you're up late. I was hopeful to fall asleep tonight. But I feel quite awake it's 10:50pm. I also feel tired. I got quite triggered in therapy today. Bleh.
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    therapy today on avoidance and accomplishments

    so I found this pretty interesting, and before I forgot I rushed on here to share cause I think its great backstory: I have been avoiding. and finding great great comfort in that. I experienced a severe trauma from years ago, and then a new heavily related abuse type trauma from old neighbors...
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    A lot of changes lately - questions about therapy

    So as the title says..lots of things changed like we moved my husband is in between jobs. Today is the first time I'm not sure if my current team of people working over my health...are the right fit. But I also have a very old symptom I call it that has resurfaced and thats signs of an eating...
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    Social security disability

    I have several legal situations. Related to the trauma and government people. I was referred to this social security lawyer. The best inthe country. I'm confused. What's ssdi for ptsd?
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    Healthier lifestyle choices, nutritional healing, fitness, running, walking etc.

    Anyone else want a place to share these goals/accomplishments? I think it can be great.
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    Sufferer Hello! Lifelong therapy then severe trauma happened.

    Hi everyone, ive had therapy throughout my life for various reasonings, mostly counsel, and direction, and problem solving strengthening. Then i had a severe trauma happen, as my T called it which really helped me connect why my reaction was so severe. I really like it here. I love to talk i...
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    Ran into someone related to abusers, who was involved sometimes

    Caused nearly hour long panic attack. Is that possible? Im so pissed off. I feel nauseous and i really need encouragement i havent talked to my T in a little bit due to schedule change Its so so so so so so so so so so so hard to move my body right now.
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    I cannot get a grip

    I dont know. How do i tell the difference between crying i need to do vs crying i need to soothe or settle. Thankfully (sarcasm) the tears are not easy to stop. Maybe these ones need to come out? It feels like dysregulation as well. Its not just tears, mood swings? My hormonal problems?
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    Therapy-like questions that helped me

    Answering these may be helpful for someone: To yourself or in private: 1. What is the most unwell part of your life right now? Aka what has the potential to grow the most? 2. What do you think about yourself? Identify the top or loudest three things and analyze. Is that healthy? Do you think...
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    What do you like to do for positive alone time?

    Right now im making homemade laundry detergent and shampoo. We need it and its a lot of fun for me. No music. Dead quiet besides the dogs.
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    Ended friendship today

    So. I reached out to one friend and now im curious what many people think especially in this group. A friend from my past and I reconnected. She used to be promiscuous. She ran up to my husband after not seeing him for years and embraced him sincerely. I did everything I could to push thru my...
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    Woke up a negative twenty in mood today

    I forgot about this happens. Ugh. What are your tips for when you have nightmares all night and wake up feeling like...not your self. I have ear plugs in but I have a whole days work to do . Thankfully I can post here. Please give me tips!!
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    Moving stress

    Looking for support big time. I'm managing jus okay. Moving due to harassing neighbors. Doctor concerned i will have a heart attack. I'm under 30yrs old. It's a very high stress environment. We found a house to put an offer one and the anticipation is physically painful. I don't want to flip...
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    Couldn't finish MRI

    The neurologist and my primary doctor believe I have dissociative disorder and PNES which is psychogenic non epileptic seizures. I had an MRI that I lasted maybe 5-10 mins I don't even know because the noises triggered me so bad I was using coping skills for however long I lasted and then the...