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    General PTSD and Infidelity

    Much appreciated for everything you shared here Luthien. Kathleen and I found it invaluable also. Glad to know you are in remission now and take good care. Jim.
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    Australian Home Handyman

    Well done Anthony! Jim.
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    General PTSD and Infidelity

    Dean, your doing great. Proud of you. Hell, I'm proud of you both. Keep it up. Jim.
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    General Its Nothing Personal

    Suppose yours truly is fortunate. Having been military trained, learned early on not to take anything personally, from anyone. I apply that training to the relationships I have with all my children, including my daughter with PTSD. Did it also when the wife had PTS after our son's death. In a...
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    I Know, I Know Why! I Know Why I Don't Remember!

    Well done Herc. Good luck with your daughter and take care. Jim.
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    Just Wanted To Share My Day

    Well done Dave. Cake sounds delicious too! ;-) Jim.
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    Healing Letter

    Good on you Kunoichi. My daughter wrote a similar letter, and from seeing the changes in her afterwards, it is a huge step to say the least. Extremely well done, be proud of yourself! Jim.
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    General After Four Months, I Saw My ExBf

    Sorry Frankie, must also be in agreement with the ladies above. Anything is possible. Perhaps you may have a relationship again in future. However. For the time being, seems he is not capable. So. Any contact will be salt in the wound. Need to take care of yourself first, avoid unneccesary...
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    I Passed!

    Good stuff Auburngirl. Should be very proud of yourself. Jim.
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    Political Craziness (for the Canucks)

    Agreed, I am mystified also. Last thing we need is another election. Damn waste of the taxpayers money. Interesting development though... My son tells me Dion may be stepping down within days. Suppose you already knew that, just found out myself though. Wife and I are travelling to Canada for...
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    General Found The Man Who Molested My Daughter.

    Well. The thought of this bastard's death is somewhat satisfying. However. Truth be told, and after much consideration - I wish him a long life wherein he must face the consequences of his actions daily. Far worse punishment than death in my humble opinion. And. Would never deprive my children...
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    Political Craziness (for the Canucks)

    Indeed, was hearing this from my son. Definitely overdramatic. Don't think many are afraid so much as disgusted and confused. I don't disagree with you re: Harper. Been a Liberal most of my life. And. For the sake of my seven grandchildren under 6 (and one on the way!), would like to see that...
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    General Any Married Male Carer's Out There?

    Not many that I've seen Tbam. Harry and Ubu are two married men that come to mind. However. Haven't seen them for quite sometime. Seems there are not as many men in general upon the forum, most especially not carers. Myself, I am a parent, so can't help you there either. Do understand your...
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    General Found The Man Who Molested My Daughter.

    Thanks all. Encouraging words, much appreciated. It is a struggle to be sure. However. Well worth it in my humble opinion. And. If others are positively impacted, the wife and I are touched. Cragger and Flower, good to meet you both. Not on the forum much these days, but I wish you all the best...
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    Political Craziness (for the Canucks)

    Well. Definitely some heated discussions in my house, in spite of now living abroad. Never stop being Newfoundlanders! ;-) Canadians vote for parliament rather than a prime minister. So. Nothing wrong with a coalition in my humble opinion. However. Believe this particular coalition was put...
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    Need Advice on Theory of PTSD Towards Soldiers

    Simpleman, excellent point. Your speaking of decompression. At least, that is what the Canadian military (of which I was a part) calls it: Becoming much more common. My son recently returned from Afghanistan. However. He...
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    General Found The Man Who Molested My Daughter.

    Long overdue update on this... we now have an initial court date set for mid 2009. Christ how these things are drawn out! Evie is having mixed feelings, not certain she wants to testify any longer. However. She still has much time to decide. Not pressuring her. And. Several others have agreed to...
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    Need Advice on Theory of PTSD Towards Soldiers

    Not this soldier! ;-) I am the man in discussion here, Tardis (Dean) is dating my daughter. Don't have PTSD, quite certain of that fact. However. Did suffer combat stress after being in the Golan Heights in the 70s. Suffered many anxiety symptoms and became a heavy drinker. Lasted perhaps half...
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    What Are You Proud Of?

    Don't have PTSD. However. I am proud of my daughter with it, who is doing so well these days. Proud of her boyfriend also, for being willing and brave to work on himself. And. Proud of all here for your efforts. Well done all. Jim.
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    I'm Growing So Much!

    Extremely well done Morgan. You should be very proud of yourself. Jim.
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    Poll Do You Collapse Under Stress?

    Thanks all for continuing to respond to this poll. Much appreciated for the answers. My daughter is faring better these days, fewer collapses, though she still suffers them occasionally. Jim.
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    Got My Driver's License!!

    Couldn't resist, must take this opportunity to brag on my daughter (batgirl) once more. Just heard from the wife, she drove my vehcile to the airport to collect her grandparents - alone! And - on a different continent than the one in which she learned driving. This is a girl who, a year ago...
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    Poll Do You Feel Guilty For PTSD Related Behaviour?

    Ah yes. Parental guilt. That is a tough one Wendy. Even for someone without PTSD. Uncertain what to do about that one. Suffer from it myself unfortunately. Jim.
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    Irresponsible Behaviour on The Forum.

    Agreed Wendy. Myself, I was most pleased to see cypher opening up thusly. Anthony notwithstanding. The process is what is important. My daughter did the same upon the forum (along with having a therapist) and it helped her tremendously. Good to see someone else facing their traumas head on. Well...
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    Irresponsible Behaviour on The Forum.

    Which young man are you referring to? Thought cypher was female, if I am not mistaken. Seems a petty matter to point out perhaps. However. If you have misread something as simple as a person's gender, perhaps you have misread others things as well? Something to consider in any event. Jim.