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  1. littleoc

    When is it time to check into a hospital?

    When is it time to check in to a hospital? Hospital trauma is severe for me. Was nearly killed by a nurse who left me isolated for probably two days as a teen. Been continuing to have problems. I'm working in veterinary medicine field and am afraid to stay away long. Boss needs me, even if...
  2. littleoc

    Not functioning without all of service dog’s tasks

    Hi, y’all ❤️ I’m struggling. My anxiety keeps bubbling up and I keep becoming suicidal and generally unwell. I’m struggling to get dressed, stay conscious, eat, go outside, or see things optimistically. My service dog is becoming too old to help. I didn’t foresee becoming increasingly...
  3. littleoc

    Neurology treatment without insurance

    Hi, everyone :) I know this is a little off topic, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. And, for the record, despite everything I've put up on this website so far, this one feels incredibly embarrassing for some reason. I have been having seizures that I was mistaking as periods of...
  4. littleoc

    How does one move away from someone they take care of?

    When my mom was my age, she took care of her mom from the house we're both living in now. Now I'm stuck at home taking care of her. She seems to love it and keeps proudly making references to me being the head of household. So does my sister. It's making me crazy. I keep trying to give her...
  5. littleoc

    (Service dog) Lost hope, looking to be pointed toward any possible solution for how to get another dog in line

    My service dog is not only turning 12 years old at the end of this month, but her medical problems are also beginning to prevent her from helping me. I had a detailed and organized plan to get another one. I emailed over forty agencies across the country, even found some private people who were...
  6. littleoc

    How to resolve issue of communication with a therapist

    I really like my therapist. She’s perfect for me right now because her area of expertise is in gender and sexuality, two things that have been much more on my mind recently than previously. However, she always tackles each problem exactly the same way. If I bring up an issue, she’ll begin by...
  7. littleoc

    How much responsibility am I supposed to be taking?

    I need some help. I think I took helpful advice from these forums and corrupted them with an abuser's voice that's still in my head. I was texting a friend and he told me that he's noticed that I take responsibility for everything to an extreme degree, and it's affecting my relationships. I...
  8. littleoc

    Who else has a birthday/anniversary/celebration this month or next?! (Or however long this lasts?) Whatcha doin' for it since we're in quarantine?

    Hello!! Happy birthday, fellow anyone with a birthday (or whatever) this month or next or whenever! How's it going?? What are you doing to celebrate? This is my birth month, and I'm going to bake myself a little cake and sleep in. Maybe catch up on some shows. I emailed my professor and told...
  9. littleoc

    Natural Disaster How to I manage anxiety from a real threat like a possible tornado?

    There are going to be strong storms in my area tomorrow and the anxiety over them is really messing with me. I'm here asking for a little help on how to manage anxiety over possible bad situations that will happen for several hours. I'm going to quote a post directly from my diary. I have...
  10. littleoc

    My mother is now my dependent. (Financial) (maybe emotional later, but currently I don't mind)

    I think I'm going to hire a tax professional to handle my taxes this year. Though I am not making enough money for the bills I am suddenly responsible for. But I just wanted to know what y'all's thoughts on that are? Does anyone here happen to have useful info or advice that could help me out...
  11. littleoc

    Can I have insight? (Seeing signs of my ex-girlfriend in others' photos or features.)

    I didn't put this thread into "Relationships" subforum because I feel this is a hypervigilance issue. Feel free to interpret it however you want, though :) I'm having a weird problem that I've never heard about before. For context, I have facial blindness. Not the worst case ever, but I can't...
  12. littleoc

    Mother can’t talk or move suddenly after a major heart attack. Can you help me worry less? Or something?

    Sorry, I’m not really sure where to put this post. My mom’s been in the hospital for a week now. I found her in shock in the bathroom. She’d been having the heart attack for two weeks. Part of her heart is dead. But as of two days ago she suddenly is acting like an 85-year-old person with...
  13. littleoc

    Should I have immediately disliked this person?

    I was gaming with a group on Discord (it’s like Skype but with video games as the focus) and, long story short, the leader of the group started grilling me about my political beliefs because she was suspicious that I wasn’t a liberal. I told her I’m not far left nor far right. So she started...
  14. littleoc

    News Eating disorders are more common than you think

    Mostly that I’m surprised that they didn’t mention binge eating disorders, which are also really common. It seems like people assume that an eating disorder can only be restrictive in some way, when sometimes it’s the opposite. Also, the fact that cultural values get mixed up in diagnoses is...
  15. littleoc

    News Positive Thinking Can Backfire

    This goes to show that we all have different ways of coping. If one strategy doesn’t work for you, listen to your body! If you’re pessimistic, own it! :D
  16. littleoc

    Car thread! What's your favorite car? (Or "Weirdest/most frustrating car issue you've ever had" or whatever else you want to talk about)

    Hello! I like cars! Do you? I wanted to make a car thread for a while, but I haven't, because I don't feel like people are going to want to share the exact car they drive here on these anonymous forums. But I realized that we often don't drive our favorite cars! So that might be more...
  17. littleoc

    Not urgent, but on my mind: best floor of a 2-story apartment complex in relation to safety?

    Hello! I am working on a project so this will be brief, but I couldn't concentrate with this issue in my mind. Even though I can't move out yet. But I thought, most of you have more experience than me and could help me out with this. Why I didn't put this topic in "social": I have really weird...
  18. littleoc

    How do you cheer up?

    Hello, What do you do, personally, that cheers you up when you're unusually down? I am usually very happy and optimistic and don't feel like myself at all. My birthday is coming up in less than a week and obviously I need to be happy by then. (Call me superstitious, it's fine. Everyone is to...
  19. littleoc

    Just venting

    I feel very hopeless. I keep trying to get out of my situation, and nothing is working. I think my bird is going to die. I've now spent $2000 on getting her back to health. She keeps getting sick. She's sick again right now. My plants keep dying too. Something in the air, I don't know. I do...
  20. littleoc

    Therapist homework: Make a list of how to fix living situation (just posting in case y’all have anything to add?)

    My therapist wants me to come up with a list for how to deal with the house I’m living in. I have two weeks. Prompt was to think of ways — even if they are utterly ridiculous — to either get the house cleaned or get me out of it. I’m posting it here in case anyone can think of anything, though...
  21. littleoc

    Need perspective change

    I could use some advice. Surely I’m not alone in having gone through this. I can’t stand where I live and it’s starting to make me act like, well, not myself. It’s ruining my drive to be creative, it’s ruining my ability to get out and do things. My service dog is going to f*cking die. My mom...
  22. littleoc

    Happy New Year!! [What’s this next year bringing for you?]

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!! ? ? ? What one word is going to describe this new year for you? What are your goals and hopes? I’m trying “healthy,” for the mind, body, boundaries especially, and a healthy environment too. What about you? What’s this new year going to be for you? :D (Sending each...
  23. littleoc

    Service miniature horse for PTSD? Do you work with horses for emotional support or can you provide insight?

    Hello, everyone!! So, I was hoping you could help me by telling me what you already know about equestrians. This post is structured like this: I talk about the reasons why someone might want a miniature horse as a service animal by listing facts I found in my research. Then I also mention...
  24. littleoc

    Guess who just got a driver’s lisence :D

    It was me! Yay!! Next stop: job, saving, MOVING OUT!!
  25. littleoc

    Can a therapist protect you, and should they? (Or, "How to feel safe in a therapist's office.")

    I have a strange question. I am rather scared to go to see therapists in public places because I am afraid of confrontation. What is the therapist supposed to do, and can a therapist protect you, if another client attacks you or if someone you know is waiting for you in the waiting room with...