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    Aspie needs advice re family crisis response

    So, my adult kid's dad, is a weed dealer, has roped our kid's into his illegal activities, has been very narc-aly abusive towards myself and now, after years of blatantly doing what he does in our, very small village, he's been raided and while my youngest daughter is taking it matter of factly...
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    What to do when you, literally, can't stop crying?

    I'm so embarrassed. Luckily I'm at home, by myself, but, it has to do with a old co worker, who turned up in my life after 28 years. We used to work in a band together, we toured together. He doesn't/didn't realize what a narcissist my ex/the band leader is and it's put me in an awkward...
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    Other Everything filtered through trauma lens, getting past it? Suggestions?

    I'm wondering how to "fix" this. Is it possible? Trauma and disability seems to define my entire existance and all my perspectives, my likes, dislikes, preferences, opinions, etc, and I'm wondering if anyone here has found a way to transcend this, or just doesn't experience this and am I...
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    I walked out of my house, alone, and went to the PO!

    This is a big deal for me, right now. Struggling with bad, agoraphobia, well it's not exactly, agoraphobia, more like social phobia. I can manage when I have someone with me but, generally, going out, in public, alone, is some thing I'm exceedingly avoidant of. So, I went down to the PO...
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    News Gates expertise is unsurpassed

    No really, if you care AT All about truth, health or liberty PLEASE STOP CENSORING. LET PEOPLE MAKE UP THEIR OWN MINDS. Gates’ Globalist Vaccine Agenda: A Win-Win for Pharma and Mandatory Vaccination • Children's Health Defense
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    Going in for another 3 week trauma&dissociation inpatients program

    I am currently organizing to get myself into a group therapy inpatients program. I have been in before, the year before last, but feeling the need for another stint. Having CPTSD, there are layers, and layers and layers of default defense conditioning, maladaptive behaviour, a living nightmare...
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    I, now, stand up for myself, with housing!

    It's not that I'm not grateful to, no longer be a homeless person, it's just that, since I've lived in Community housing, I've had a lot of sketchy and not-up-to-standard tenancy managers and treatment. I used to feel very demoralized and frightened, shamed and disempowered when they came at...
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    So, Applied to do a degree in nursing and today, I got in! :-)

    Yep, I found out my calling is to become a psych nurse. That's the plan, anyway. I want to go on to complete a Masters in Mental Health Nursing after I finish my undergraduate degree. And I am someone who didn't finish high school. I didn't finish and or pass yr 8, yr 9, yr 10, or yr 11 (for...
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    ED My eating is out of control, how have other's dealt with this?/Overeating

    So, I've battled ED since I was a child. For years it was deprivational and swinging with bingeing and then it became highly deprivational, interspersed with pregnancies where I would eat whatever. I got over the starving myself part of the ED, but I am struggling with the overeating. It is out...
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    I am, kind of, retarded

    I know it's not a PC word, but, I'm not much for being hung up on PCness. It's just that I always have this sense that I'm not really a "real" grown up. That I'm missing too much about being one. That other grown ups will, straight away, be able to tell, that, while I might look like one, I'm...
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    How do you build trust with your T?

    Most of my life has been overshadowed by people who appeared to have no real feelings of care for me, or were highly incapable of inadequate in showing or acting as if they did. My mother and the guy who impregnated me at 17, 19, 21,22, 25, 30 and 33, treated me like their slave, they were very...
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    News It really isn't and hasn't been the hottest anything, climate alarmism propaganda stoops to new lows, blaming Au fires on "Global warming" NOT TRUE

    So, if you do the research, you will, clearly, be able to see that the media has been lying to us about so-called "human induced" climate change. Tony Heller proves that carbon dioxide is NOT the cause of climate change. And that it's not true that we, here, in Au, have had any "hottest on...
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    Other Narcissistic abuse

    So ...My situation is thus ... I've been out of the relationship for nearly 10 years now. I'm in a new relationship. A good one. My issue is that I have children with the abuser and he is still wreaking havoc on my adult children's psyches. One by one they have gone through either suicidality...
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    Natural Disaster Under seige by fire here

    We may have to evacuate with the next day or two. It's smoky and scary here. If anyone feels inclined to pray or send a kind thought for my community, my state, my town and my families safety, that would be HUGELY appreciated. Our state is burning up. There haven't been too many casualties...
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    Unlovable, unacceptable, weird, shunable

    This is what I struggle with, exacerbated, I think, by my comorbidity, of being on the Autism spectrum. Because of my "weirdness" and growing up, it was such a bumpy ride, so many chaotic changes, homelife dramas and abuses and neglect in my homelife, I didn't really question my social...
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    I've finally cured myself of my ED (Eating Disorder)

    It's been a long struggle, encompassing about 34 years. First it was being obsessed with becoming anorexic. I WANTED to be anorexic, to show my mother how badly her treatment of me was hurting me. Then I gained weight after she "boarded me out" to strangers, a Scottish family, at 13, and...
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    News Psychologist/Sociology professor Jordan Peterson comments on PTSD

    He has some really interesting things to say about the moral injury component of ptsd, particularly in reference to vets, but relevant to all of us, IMO. Very relevant and interesting and empowering.
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    Went out to dinner with ex and all our children, for daughter's bday, and it went really well!

    So, Many of you probably know, and many of you don't, that I spent 20+ years trapped with a nasty man, after being a homeless teen. I was 16 and he was twice my age, but he was one of those charismatic pedophiles and other's around were just plain ole garden variety rapey pedo's, so he got me...
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    Other Aspergers?

    I'm just wondering if there is anyone else here, that's on the spectrum? If you want to talk about your experiences being on the spectrum and having ptsd. I've recently become self aware of being on the spectrum, done all the online tests. My father has Aspergers, one of my son's is moderate...
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    Caught the bus first time on my own for many months

    So I made it out of the house, to the next town, over, not doing fantastically, emotionally. I have a small amount of paperwork to submit for my housing transfer application on medical grounds. I hid in the cinema for the first half of the day (incredibles2). Great place to cry in peace...
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    Dom Violence Housing self-advocacy after dv, and suffering from c-ptsd

    So I've been out of the life-threatening DV situation, for some time. I'm, now, lobbying for a transfer out of my town-of-trauma for health reasons and struggling in my communication with my housing providers. Part of this is my lovely :eek::dead::sorry: package of symptoms and part of this is...
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    Top ten therapies or practices; or as many or few as you like

    So I just thought it would be an interesting and possibly helpful thread to name our most effective and relieving activities, in our recovery, so far. I've been battling this a very long time, my official diagnosis is now c-ptsd although it took a long time to get that, but I was battling...
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    Just finished my first yoga retreat

    So I just got back. 18 hours of yoga over approx 36 hours. So pooped now. I'm not that fit, but I did it! Lots of sweating, lots of twisting, bending, breathing, holding, stretching. I only cried once, during the last bit. I didn't know anyone but the teacher, and I managed to be authentic...
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    Death My friend suicided last week, i'm numb & sad & all over the place

    It was so unexpected. He was involved with my bestie but clearly had c-ptsd going on as he shared with us his horrendous childhood. A dynamic, honourable, very authentic and decent man. I think she was out of depth with her own mental illness and medication issues and dependency needs and he was...
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    So down, my friend took his life

    I'm struggling to come to terms with the death of a lovely friend who took his life on Monday. I'm newly out of hospital and I find myself being the major hands-on support person for my bestie, who's love of her life took himself away from her. We used to have great fun singing together, he...