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  1. Lumos

    Relative is back on drugs/drinking and I don't want to see him.

    My relative who I see regularly has clearly started taking drugs and or drinking again. He took drugs for many years and also was physically abusive to me when I was little. In recent years he had quit drugs and drink and we'd re-connected. Things were fine until Christmas when he got drunk...
  2. Lumos

    New therapist 'won't deal with trauma'?

    Hello, so last week I had a phone appointment with a new psychotherapist. I waited 11 months to have this appointment. I started to tell her some traumas I've been through and she said she 'won't deal with exploring traumas'. It was a psychologist I'd seen before who referred me to her. The new...
  3. Lumos

    Is Dissociative Identity Disorder caused by anything other than childhood trauma?

    I was just wondering if it can be caused by other traumas (in adulthood) but I feel like the answer is no? Does anyone know? Thanks in advance.
  4. Lumos

    A lack of friends is a 'red flag', apparently?

    I wasn't sure where to put this so if it's wrong please move it, thanks So on another site I'm a member of, someone said that people who have little or no friends is a red flag? I tried not to let it get to me and I'm sure the person who said it did not mean it to hurt me or anyone else in my...
  5. Lumos

    New therapist

    I have a new therapist, it all happened quite fast, it's through a charity and I'll get about 10 sessions which is ok. We had our first session last week and the therapist is nice and easy to talk to. There are some things I never talked about in therapy yet in the past and I want to get those...
  6. Lumos

    Does the sadness ever go away?

    I have been through a lot in my 30 something years alive. Just when i think i've made progress, it hit me again. The stuff from childhood is the worst. It really gets me down and i cry a lot. Will it ever end? :(
  7. Lumos

    How do you stop being selfish?

    I spent some time reflecting on my own behaviours - a lot of time actually, and realised that for much of my life I have been a very selfish person. I noticed that I didn't care too much about how other people felt either. I feel terrible about these and other things about myself. I want to stop...
  8. Lumos

    Very sad all the time

    This has gone on for a very long time now, I am sad every single day. Sometimes I cry several times a day. The Summer is coming too and I wish that it wasn't. I just want to hide in the darkness of Winter again, maybe forever. I'm just hiding away from the world, this is not a life, it is a very...
  9. Lumos

    Sufferer So Much Trauma - CSA, Abuse, Bullying, DV, & Accidents

    Hi everyone, I have been looking for support for quite some time now, feeling overwhelmed even typing this out. I'm mid-thirties and it seems I was just born to be traumatised. I was abused sexually, emotionally and physically in childhood, bullied at school, abused by boyfriends and ended up...