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  1. Warrior Chicken

    Sexual Assault Weird Trigger

    I get the same thing when catching breath from cold dry air. Most times anything causing me to gasp for more than a few seconds is going to activate that memory and survival response. For me one of the things I’ve worked on is awareness - trigger? Yep. Where, when, how am I. Am I surviving...
  2. Warrior Chicken

    Knock on Back (Patio) Door After Dark

    Yup, that’s a here and now fright…not a bubble from the past where you gotta do the work to convince yourself that you’re safe. I don’t know how else your neighbour behaves, but what they did is a definite NOPE! Perhaps you can build the sense of protection you have in your home to lower the...
  3. Warrior Chicken

    Study Firefighters with PTSD likely to have relationship problems

    So surprised….I had no idea 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤪
  4. Warrior Chicken

    Other Viewing the world in a negative lens

    Viewing the world around us with a filter that’s set to identify threats and danger is one of the unfortunate features of ptsd. Even though it’s possible to focus on the positive and remain optimistic, there is often a tendency to notice the negative by default….as a survival mechanism of...
  5. Warrior Chicken

    Road Map for Exposure Therapy

    Hey there, exposure therapy is a big step and looks like you’re in the mind space to get there! Not easy as I figure you already know, and why you’re stacking on grounding and coping techniques. Those are gonna be vital. Like you said, everyone’s roadmap will be different. I’m gonna share a...
  6. Warrior Chicken

    What do you define as “extreme anxiety”

    I did not write in my post as you’ve written here that I’m “averse to medication in all circumstances besides near death”. I wrote: I agree with you that a conversation with any prescriber about the nature and intention of any controlled substance prescribed is important, and one that every...
  7. Warrior Chicken

    Memory issues.

    hey, with you as well in the memory gaps. From what I’ve read it is a regular/typical occurrence with trauma. Thanks for the smile with the hippo imagery, I won’t be embarrassed by sharing that I envision a hippo wearing a grad gown and cap when I think of hippo campus. I have trauma from...
  8. Warrior Chicken

    Labels and struggling with people knowing

    The situation with the book, been there! On both counts. Wanted to control how it would show up - will the title be visible for the world to see, what if they deliver to the wrong address and a neighbour sees, what if I’m not there to receive it and my other half opens it, blah blah….you know...
  9. Warrior Chicken

    Insert Swearish Rant Here

    You need a death certificate to complete a request for medical records???! When this hospital killed him and knows perfectly well how they f*cked things up by sending the body to another hospital. So you tell me to go to the morgue of that hospital to get the death certificate? Sure, I will...
  10. Warrior Chicken

    What Do You Need In This Moment?

    To rid emotions in a way that’s healthier than how I’ve done it for many years.
  11. Warrior Chicken

    What do you define as “extreme anxiety”

    Yes, absolutely. If I function, then that’s not extreme, or in my mind, often not even classified as anxiety. Like @Freddyt describes, I also discount my symptoms. Prior to exploring my past I never noticed body pain like I do now. It’s daily, and I typically dismiss it as a fact of getting...
  12. Warrior Chicken

    Chunks of Memory Missing - How to Retrieve?

    Some triggers are clear as day what they are and how they link to the past, whereas others can be very evasive and difficult to pin down. In my case, there are multiple incidents and some of the triggers connect to each other (this can be confusing), over time it’s helped to jot down what’s...
  13. Warrior Chicken

    Chunks of Memory Missing - How to Retrieve?

    Just stopped in to say : I agree with @StillPen. I have trouble with this too, and without knowing it’s a strategy, I’ve done the same - multiple journals in different places. Have even written things down on scrap paper or napkins and then transferred it into a main journal. it sounds to me...
  14. Warrior Chicken

    What do you define as “extreme anxiety”

    This is very interesting to me. One of my most prevalent reactions to a lot of things is an automatic flip to numb. As in, I dissociate quick. I’ve done a lot of work to improve that and prevent it, but it still needs work. I never considered that to be part of an anxiety response. I figured it...
  15. Warrior Chicken

    What do you define as “extreme anxiety”

    I sent an email with a few questions asking for clarification of “extreme anxiety”. I also asked about how much info other Doctors/Healthcare practitioners can see about your prescriptions (I’m rather, for lack of a better word, paranoid about this stuff). Essentially, PDocs and others who can...
  16. Warrior Chicken

    What do you define as “extreme anxiety”

    Funny how a word can throw you in many different directions. I don’t like medications, took me quite some time to even consider their use as a method to treat ptsd. But my train of thought has adapted somewhat. The rule I had against their use is only in reference to me. I don’t judge or see...
  17. Warrior Chicken

    Recurrent Hospitalizations- Am I just Weak?

    Talked about suicidality recently with my PDoc and the messaging provided makes a great deal of sense. Suicidal actions, planning, ideation all come about when someone’s stress level is too high or a trigger/memory is to strong (we talk about it in the context of ptsd so I’m not sure if that...
  18. Warrior Chicken

    Support please - endoscopy fear

    I had an endoscopy a few months ago, have issues with anyone getting anywhere near my throat, and with partial sedation. One of the methods I used to set myself in the right frame of mind was that I was giving myself an opportunity to address my anxiety and heal from it. Not confronting it only...
  19. Warrior Chicken

    What counts as trafficking?

    Fully on point @grief and @Friday The legalities en-situ where a person is are very much involved in a determination of what, why, who in relation to act, means, purpose. Those are all very well connected, and depending where the offence occurred it may have elements that include or exclude...
  20. Warrior Chicken

    Sufferer Struggling with thoughts of harm as I do not see a positive future.

    Welcome. These feelings are heavy to carry alone, glad you’re able to find the forum. Lots of great people here and plenty of reading to find your way. You are most definitely not alone and sorry to hear it’s tough right now.
  21. Warrior Chicken

    Trouble taking a deep breath

    Yes…..that’s it. Holding the breath, but you may not actually realize the holding part. At least, that’s how it seems for me. The breath feels stuck, it is…cuz not enough is coming in. With concentrated out breaths the whole system naturally starts to calm and breathing gets a bit easier. If...
  22. Warrior Chicken

    Trouble taking a deep breath

    I’ve noticed this too. As though the air gets stuck part way when taking a deep breath, like @rubbercoraxxx, the air doesn’t get to the bottom. Then I just want oxygen so I try harder to take a deep breath and it just doesn’t work. I’m not necessarily aware of a specific trigger each time it...
  23. Warrior Chicken

    Word finding difficulties

    Yep....happens to me as well. Often I can manage it with pauses when it's words, and my brain might be able to replace a single word with a description of what I'm trying to explain when it's not completely fried or zapped by a trigger. It was extremely frustrating last week when I was working...
  24. Warrior Chicken

    Therapy Hangover After Disclosure

    Hey there, just wanted to chime in here and say I'm with you on how you're feeling. Also grateful for a therapist who sounds similar to yours in not pushing, careful not to risk retraumatization. I also took the plunge last week and put words to what I thought would remain unspeakable. Even...
  25. Warrior Chicken

    Ever not remember having sex?

    Thanks for sharing your own experiences here, and yes, what you wrote is quite helpful since what you describe regarding your spouse has similar traits to my situation. It's something incredibly comforting to read about how you started to take notice when she was triggered and would back off...