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    Has the following ever happened to anyone. I was reading about child neglect an its effects and thinking about how things that happened in the past weren't bad enough to be called trauma (not just talking about child neglect) then all of a sudden I got really, really tired and had to lie down...
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    DID Every Part wants to do something different

    It seems today everyone of my parts wants to do something different and in the end nothing gets done. I started decluttering the office, which really needs to be done. But I can't stay on track because a part is deeply depressed and the young ones don't like adult stuff anyway. One of them cried...
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    Childhood How would one define this? Sexual abuse? Neglect? Nothing?

    I was wondering how to definean experience I had as a child (7/8 yrs.). My mom had this gay female friend who seemingly was into my mom. So one night after we all or only I bathed (not sure about that part). Anyway were all walking around naked in our bathroom. This woman came to my parents bed...
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    Sudden urge to run

    Does anyone else have the sudden urge to run from their current situation? I don't mean as in "I want to get a new life" but as in "I have to get out of here". This urge can last for anytime between a few minutes to a hours and has actually lead to me driving for 6h straight .
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    Memories in third-person view

    I was wondering if anybody else experience this. Almost all my memories are in third-person view, like I'm watching someone else. This pertains to recent and distant memories as well as traumatic and non-traumatic memories.
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    I was wondering if anybody else has the same problem. If I don't nap during the day, my anxiety levels tend to go up at night. With that I have to say that I tend to sleep better when there's daylight as night i
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    Total Loss of Safety - Therapist Terminated Therapy

    I'm not sure where to begin. My therapist of 3 years terminated therapy suddenly without notice via text message 3 weeks ago. Aside of the ethics question here. This has left me with no sense of safety, not that it was intact before but lots better. I keep having flashbacks and can barely get...