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    Relationship Learning Curves

    After learning what IT is, I’ve learned not to take it personally. I know when he’s quiet, distant and just needs to go to bed, it’s not me. I know when he cancels last minute, doesn’t make plans or keep plans, it’s not me. I know when we argue and he shuts down completely and refuses to...
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    Relationship Why do PTSD relationships most often fail?

    From a poll perspective…. What’s are the biggest challenges that lead to the failure of a PTSD relationship? Inquiring minds….
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    Relationship Question for Supporters in LTR....

    For those of you in long term relationships with PTSD sufferers how did you manage the push and pull? How many times did you take a break or step back in order to give your partner space and quiet to heal?
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    Supporter Q ?

    As a Supporter/Romantic partner... What do we do that’s helpful and what do we do that hinders? When we push to communicate for insight and understanding why does that feel so invasive? We do it to really know, for you, for us and the relationship. Why is it so difficult to talk about...
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    Relationship I feel broken .... will I ever be whole again?

    I’m in an intense push/pull relationship with a man who suffers from PTSD. Our relationship has been mostly platonic for about 5 years with the push/pull dynamic always having been a factor. PTSD was always the issue but it wasn’t accepted by him and divulged to me until about 6 months ago...