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  1. siniang

    People are bad. Full stop.

    This one is one I've been struggling with for a really long time and with every new horrific event, it's getting worse. It's causing a lot of internal conflict because at the core my inherent nature is to naively believe in the good in the world and, by extension, people. That belief is what...
  2. siniang

    Trauma or just an 'unfortunate event'?

    I keep wondering how one is to distinguish between actual trauma (that may or may not cause PTSD) or something that's merely been an "unfortunate event" in life. I know the criteria for trauma in the DSM-5 are pretty concrete. The ICD-10 is more vague: "The patient must have been exposed to a...
  3. siniang

    How to avoid a specific anxiety developing into a phobia

    So, this isn't necessarily a PTSD question as I don't have PTSD surrounding this - so @mods if you think it belongs into the "other disorders" subforum, please move. But I wasn't completely sure where to put it and thought maybe some of you might have some experience with this regardless (just...
  4. siniang

    Everyone's trying to manipulate you, no one is sincere

    I've been subjected to years, if not decades, of my grandparents and to some extend a couple other people in authority positions (teacher, sport coach) trying to emotionally/mentally manipulate and gaslight me. Not necessarily consciously on their part, but vehemently nonetheless. I say trying...
  5. siniang

    PTSD risk factor confirmation bias?

    So, this is something I've been ruminating about on and off. I know it may have come up in discussions on here before, but I don't remember. One of the sorta "mantras" surrounding PTSD is that "experiencing trauma" doesn't automatically lead to developing PTSD. As far as I know, we still don't...
  6. siniang

    News A Smartwatch App To Help With PTSD Nightmares

    Heard it this morning on my way to work, was meaning to look it up and post, completely forgot about it until it just showed up in my FB feed...
  7. siniang

    Research A Mind-Bending Rhythm In The Brain Can Act Like Ketamine

    Scientists Say A Mind-Bending Rhythm In The Brain Can Act Like Ketamine
  8. siniang

    Getting an accountant

    We desperately need to get our finances in check and we desperately need help with it. I’m terrible with money and it’s ended us in a REALLY bad place, now. Is anyone here using an accountant? (I think @Friday you mentioned something along those lines?) How to even find one? How to be able to...
  9. siniang

    Share your exercise playlists

    Hey, I usually listen to just plain shuffle of my entire tens of GBs wort of music library when out walking/hiking, but for my walkman for swimming I actually need to limit it to 4GBs and I'm uncreative and SUCK at making decisions, so all suggestions are welcomed. Bands, albums, specific...
  10. siniang

    When do (bad) dreams become nightmares?

    I've been pondering about this for a while. I remember during my initial assessment with T, one of the question was whether I have nightmares. And I don't actually really know how to answer this question. Particularly after having spent so much time here on the forum and reading other's...
  11. siniang

    Pet health (or: can't without them, can't with them)

    Sooo, lately I've been struggling more with this again - the last few weeks have been particularly rough. I know many here have pets, so maybe something helpful will come out of this. I'v repeatedly said I need animals around me. I need them to breath - sounds melodramatic, but is true. They...
  12. siniang

    How to be honest with your therapist?

    Since this is something quite a lot of us seem to be struggling with, I thought it might be worthwile to open a thread and collect tips how other's are dealing with or even have overcome this. I'm having a really hard time being completely honest about my internal state with my therapist. It's...
  13. siniang

    Fear leads to fear leads trauma?

    I've been wondering a little... is it actually easier to get re-traumatized or new trauma that could actually cause more/new (for lack of better wording) PTSD? I think we've been saying at one point or another that pre-existing trauma lowers the threshold for Cat A trauma - though I'm not sure...
  14. siniang

    "I'm in danger" - extended version

    So, some sort of "I'm in danger" core belief is pretty typical for PTSD, as far as I understand. Many of you still, at one point or another, believe that a past abuser is coming for you, and similar versions. Looking back, for quite a while I actually was totally expecting that *he* will wait...
  15. siniang

    Emotional Support Animal corner

    I thought it might be good to give Emotional Support Animals and questions/topics concerning them their own space, as to not inflate the SD space. While I currently don't have official ESAs, I know my cats qualify as such and if necessity arises, it's only a matter of getting it in writing from...
  16. siniang

    Automatic (unconscious) avoidance behaviors

    In order to become more conscious towards potential triggers, I've been observing and dwelling a little bit on my avoidance behaviors. Though I have to admit I'm not quite sure if it's actually avoidance, or something else within the PTSD cluster of symptoms. Some of the things I do or rather...
  17. siniang

    Service Dog Tasks

    Hi SD handlers! pure curiosity, but if you don't mind sharing, what specific tasks do your SDs provide for your PTSD (and other comorbidities)?
  18. siniang

    Other Selective Sensory Sensitivity?

    I've spend my last days researching sensory sensitivity/processing disorder. I've seen it mentioned here on the forums multiple times and I think at least a few users actually suffer from sensory processing disorder. I want to learn more about it how sensory sensitivity looks in every day life...
  19. siniang

    Poll (c)PTSD and Suicidal Ideation

    Hi, having read along on the forum for half a year now, I noticed that SI does seem to be a thing in one form or another for most sufferers (at least on here). Since this is one of the symptoms I don't share, the scientist in me was merely curious about the prevalence, particularly with cPTSD's...
  20. siniang

    Therapy dynamics - or, how does therapy actually work? (Goals, disagreements, etc.)

    I feel stuck when it comes to therapy. I've really just started, it's been roughly 5 months of sessions every other week. I don't think we've really made a ton of progress (if anything, I feel it's gotten worse, and that's not even including trauma-work). We've mostly been talking about...
  21. siniang

    Hallucinations that are not about your trauma

    So, I keep having those hallucinations of spiders (or similar, sometimes only the net) dangling right above my head. I would already be asleep, but somehow wake up and "see" those things next to or above me. I don't have Arachnophobia, but I don't particularly like them, either, and can't stand...
  22. siniang

    Weighted blanket and other measures for better sleep

    I suffer from chronic fatigue, have been for the better part of the last decade or so. It's not that I don't sleep enough (I average 8-9hrs in bed), but I don't seem to get restful sleep. I often wake up feeling like I've been run over by a truck, not seldom head-achy. I wake up a lot during the...
  23. siniang

    Other How to deal with the News

    I'd been thinking about making this post weeks ago, but then dropped it. But in light of recent events it's very much back on my mind. I know many folks with PTSD avoid the News. I can't do that and don't want to do that. It's very important to me to always be informed (in fact, it's actually...
  24. siniang

    Alternatives to meditation

    I can't meditate. I tried various varieties over the years, it just doesn't do anything for me. If anything, I just get tired/fall asleep. When I was younger, I did a ton of leisure stuff that is semi/pseudo-meditative. Drawing. Playing the piano. Programming (websites). Jigsaw Puzzles. Sauna...
  25. siniang

    Night terrors

    Hi, Is anyone else dealing with night terrors? I don't have frequent ones, I had like three (that I remember - but my husband didn't notice any others) within the last half year or so (I had a few more events of the hallucination/jolting up/jumping out of bed kind, not sure if they're less...