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    Assault Self hatred after non-sexual assault

    How brave you are, to share your feelings! I'm so sorry this happened to you. I remember shame associated with witnessing those I loved being hurt. I remember wishing it were me and then choosing someone who would in fact harm me as he did himself regularly. I think walking through those...
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    Why do I actively seek things out that are triggering??

    When we become triggered; is it percieved as normal to climb on a carrosel and spend around and around and around until we grab a book, a movie, or some form of music to jump oFF that mental circle? It's going to take a highly trained, loving person to walk through these exercises I found while...
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    Feelings of inadequacy

    Feelings of inadequacy used to be a moto 9f mine. After modeling school, I had to look a certain way, then I was abused physically, sexually, and emotionally and over time, I felt like it didnt matter as much! My abuser, claimed, Ibwas his arm candy. I think in an effort, to no longer be...
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    Mindreading by any other name?

    Now, I've never asked that other's be able to read my mind, but I find it interesting when others expect us too! I just got threw dating a guy who isolates and quite frankly may struggle with his own form of PTSD based upon his own trauma. He has made plans with me two different times and then...
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    Sexual Assault Did you ever antagonize your abuser(s)? Did you decide you wanted it?

    Actually, I think in an effort to have some form of attention or to at least be noticed. It often can start out this way! I apologize, I'm not as tech savvy as I'd like to be. Im unable to cut and paste .I think going back several years ago, I can say, we justify our being attacked or abused...
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    Mindreading by any other name?

    I believe based upon my personal experience that we as humans, can and do pick up on other people's thoughts and or certain things. I think we have to be very close to the person. I've dated people whom I knew at certain times, were doing certain things when I was not in their presence. I of...