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    Non Triggering TV/Movies

    Anyone got any light weight TV/ Movies they'd recommend? For me I avoid romance/ trauma content. Which can be hard as everything is written that way, Let me know what you've found that you enjoy. x For 'safe' TV I love Bob's Burgers, Golden Girls (though it does contain romance).
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    Keep being dumped by therapists

    Hey guys, I'm back with no progress sadly, I experienced huge amounts of malpractice and negligence at The Tavistock and Portman and they kicked me out for making a complaint and I lost my therapy because of that. I am exhausted and I am burnt out, currently speaking to a therapist over zoom...
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    Masturbation, sexual trauma and intrusions

    Hi guys, I've got C Ptsd and primarily my intrusions come within sexual spaces because I've suffered lots of sexual/ relational abuse. Has anyone found a sucessful way with dealing with these to reduce them/ help them go away quicker? I find when I'm dating someone its easier as I can focus on...
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    'Trouble with relationships'

    Im exhausted and sad and I've been fighting this CPTSD for years and so many therapists refuse to work with me within a framework of recovery and at 30 I just feel exhausted and devastated. I feel like my abuser has won, I can't keep a relationship, my mother and I aren't even talking and...
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    Tavistock Center London

    Hi has anyone else been seen by them for PTSD/ CPTSD? I'm just starting therapy there and finding their 'patient centered' approach very challenging and unsupportive- I'd love to hear what other people's experience have been?
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    Anxiety + work

    Hey guys, Im self employed and having a hard time with my anxiety from my ptsd stopping me from working, I can't focus, I get brain fog. I usually have to structure my day around what I can focus on/ have the spoons to do at each time of day but Im having to start a new funding application which...
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    Im just having such a hard time

    I'm still having such a hard time, Still having trouble with therapists who don't feel confident or competent with CPTSD, still loosing days each week to being unwell, still tried and sad and stressed. Now I have lost my mother who stopped supporting me when I was dumped by my last therapist for...
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    London (UK) Therapy/ist recomendations

    Hi so I've just been unceremonially dumped by my therapist because I expressed suicidal ideations, we were doing EDMR for 10 months or so, I've spent years doing talking therapies with other therapists on the NHS. If anyone in London can recommend a good therapist for trauma processing who aims...
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    DV survivor + C PTSD Dating/ Breakups

    Hey guys, Just had *another* break up today. I feel them harder as they feel like they're letting my abusive ex win, like I'll never be loved, looked after, valued. I feel the need to date, I focus on it even if there are good things in other parts of my life I will be distracted by being...
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    Sufferer Hi guys! C-PTSD DV Survivor

    Hi, This is the first PTSD forum I've joined. I'm hoping together we can piece things together a bit and feel less alone. I'm 30, I've been in therapy for trauma since 2017 and depression before then. I'm in recovery for an abusive relationship in my early twenties and a rape as a teen. I only...