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    Dealing with mental health and the call to activism

    So I just got off a social media platform where a friend has posted a call to activism. Quoting someone saying it wasn't good enough to just educate yourself on issues but you needed to help fix the issues while using some analogy to get it across how morally insensitive it is to not help...
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    Other Dissociative Disorders and shame

    Losing total control to a part and still being able to see what's going on is upsetting. It's also upsetting to be faced with the reality of how severe or you're still dealing with these things. I totally get why you'd be overwhelmed. It's okay to have moments of disbelief or non-acceptance...
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    DID Just life with DID

    Not a super serious topic. Just feeling weird being in a system and unable to talk to my friends about it. I've been depressed, I haven't been able to get myself to work for a good while. Over the years my therapist keeps bringing up asking other parts to help when I do have problems. So I...
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    DID is it possible to control or isolate some did/osdd switches?

    Hey, that sounds really tough, having to do manage alone. It's no wonder that you're suffering. I want you to know many of us have been in hard places where we couldn't handle the weight on us. Some of us are still there. Things do get better. Even in the moment feelings, come and go, they ebb...
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    DID Parts barely Around

    This year I focused mainly on my mental health and relationships. Things were going pretty well and I'd have some hours where I wasn't experiencing depersonalization or derealization, which is a pretty big deal for me! So great! About mid year in the summer I started working more and eventually...
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    DID DID and gender identity and orientation

    To be clear, I was talking about the the causes for sexuality and gender being complex. I wasn't talking about gender complexity. Yeah, labels don't need to be important to anyone. Labels are just tools. People may use them if they like. Or don't. If they are not helpful, toss them I'd say...
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    DID DID and gender identity and orientation

    I have parts, they have different genders and sexualities. One is female, one is non-binary, the rest are male. Then there's me, the ANP confused as heck at times and kinda caught in the middle. Trying to sort through this I now identify as transmasculine which is non-binary and also reflects my...
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    Other Auditory Processing Disorder

    As far as APD, I've done pretty well, it's a disability but not a handicap. That mentality has been what gets me through it. Not sure if early diagnoses helped or not, it mostly helped to have people (mostly my family) take me seriously when I couldn't hear them. APD hasn't really stopped from...
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    DID Dating with DID/PTSD

    For a bit of positive news, I've been dating the girl I mentioned for 3 months and she now knows I have parts. It's not an issue for her nor a main topic, but I can talk about it when I want to. Living proof it's possible to date and have parts. I think who you date matters. My girlfriend is...
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    Other Auditory Processing Disorder

    I have APD, was diagnosed in the 3rd grade. It's mild enough I can get away without telling others I have it and just adapt to help myself (asking clarifying questions, written conversation, bluffing, lip reading, room auccustics). I have found though telling others helps a lot. People are...
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    Having a hard time with a celebrity exposed

    I don't know where to post. An internet celebrity/personality was exposed to having cheated on his wife with another, allegedly gaslighting and abusive, and lying to and involving fans in the exchange of nudes. This celebrity was open about some things he did but the full extent of things was...
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    When things feel unreal that you think it's a lie

    I recently got a girlfriend and I think she's pretty wonderful. There are times it's hard to believe I have her in my life, that this is my life. Because of dissociation though that disbelief takes a step further. Things won't feel real. I'll want to call her to hear a voice because it doesn't...
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    DID Parts and Awareness

    No. When I was a kid I imagined a rich internal world that I enjoyed and escaped to, I use to day dreamed a lot. I don't do that anymore. Whenever I look inward I just see darkness, like clouds. My T hasn't talked about an internal world either.
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    DID DID Treatment

    From what I've read, pretty much. It's a lot of the same treatment just some adjustments here and there. What's important I think is that your T isn't clueless and has training with DID so they can make those adjustments.
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    DID Parts and Awareness

    The overall sense I get is that it's not too important who is out and that I'll get a clearing understanding with therapy, experience, and communication. This is where I'm at. Before I realized I had parts, the host overheard two of them arguing over what to eat. A clear, coherent...
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    DID Parts with no Names

    Everyone, thank you so very much. All the responses helped me to feel not alone and unexpectedly valid. I don't have an official diagnosis (I'm either DID or DDNOS). My parts not having names adds to my sense of not being valid or real. Only one of them came with a title. I've given the rest...
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    DID Dating with DID/PTSD

    These are some of the same concerns I have. I want you to know you're not alone. I don't feel like I have solutions for you, only my limited experience I can share. I actually have someone who wants to date me, and while I'm not dating this person (my choice), in that limited experience I find...
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    DID Parts and Awareness

    Do/did you ever have trouble knowing who is fronting? Or who is feeling what? Who is creating passive influence? Or confusing one part for another? I'm co-conscious, but I have trouble with all the above. I feel like so many people have this clear awareness of their parts. I'm not sure if...
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    DID Parts with no Names

    I've been trying to find information on this with little avail. So I was hoping maybe others knew something on this or could give their more experienced insight. I find in much DID litature, there's much talk of parts with invidual names but little about having no names. I only recall "no...
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    Other DDNOS - Faking??

    I think "laziness" and "cowardice" are means of coping with or avoiding distress. It can be a form of self sabotage. I personally will be lazy or what I'd call lazy. I tried to consider what laziness would be without avoidance being part of the behavior and... I don't think it works. Could...
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    Issues with weight/possibly being attractive to men

    I'm not sure if it would help to share my experience. As far as I know, I wasn't raped but I did get stuck in the belief that being attractive = assault/rape. I was overweight most of my life and only when I was at a healthy weight did men assault me, so I put the weight back on. Though I...
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    To date or not to date

    At the moment I have a casual group of friends (we're all young adults: college or working) I hang out with online and I've been flirting with some of the people there. My flirting isn't serious and most people know I'm joking. I'm not looking to date anyone. I don't feel like I can date, so I'm...
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    DID how to stop switching during therapy?

    I understand how scary it is to let a part talk in therapy. I didn't want certain parts talking to my therapist and have refused them for a time. I eventually talked to my therapist about it. We talked about why I was afraid of a certain part, I was afraid of what he'd say to her, mostly harsh...
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    When what you know... doesn't feel real

    Are there things you know are truth, but it doesn't feel real at times so you doubt or deny it's true? How do you deal with those moments? If you're comfortable doing so could you share your stories? This year I've come to accept some realities about myself, such as having parts and that I'm...
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    Therapy Homework

    @RuffledFeathers You sharing that honestly does help <3 Thank you everyone, it helps greatly to know that I'm not the only one and that this is a choice of style, method, judgment, etc. I'm not feeling out of place anymore or that something may be wrong.