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    What Do Your Monsters Look Like?

    It's going to sound silly, but he looks like the Grim Reaper, scythe, robe, and all.
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    Relationship GF broke up after i got upset

    I'm a little, or a lot, late for this wagon but here goes. If I was going to bed, told my boyfriend I was going to bed, and he proceeded to call me three times in a row, I'd be quite annoyed. I'm ostensibly tired, or have stuff to do early tomorrow, and I want--no, need--to sleep. So barring...
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    Sufferer Clever intro

    Used to have an account on which, to be frank, hasn't been a thing for a while. No longer have access to that Yahoo email. Hi. I'm a ball of ADHD, Combat PTSD, and BPD. With a side of Anxiety.