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    Research contribute to a book I am editing

    Did you experience trauma during childhood? Would you like the opportunity to have your voice published? Did you have an adverse childhood experience? Was your voice not heard? Would you like the opportunity to have your voice now published in a collection of voices of those having...
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    pathetic legal sentence for abuser

    I am fuming but also sort of pleased. The guy who abused me has been sentenced to 8 months suspended, 200 hours of community service and 40 rehabilitation, and 10 years on the sex offenders register. This was for being caught talking to a child and planning to meet for sex. The child unbeknown...
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    Childhood UK Justice system anyone? Reporting historic CSA

    Wondering what other's experience of reporting historic CSA has been like. My experience has not been overly positive, due to red tape I must add not the officers involved. Was hoping others have had better outcomes and a more positive outcome. Want to restore my faith but feel free to have a...
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    Letting go?????

    I hear this phrase so much. This needing to let go of the past, or pain, of anger and so on. But, whenever I ask my therapist how one actually goes about this letting go I get nothing concrete back. I get words like acceptance, sitting with the emotions, owning your story type of things. Well...
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    abuser been caught by online hunting group

    Had a major shock seeing the person responsible for my abuse during my childhood on an online preditors hunting live facebook feed. I am pleased but also angry. I was glad to see the hunters giving him a good talkinig to, watching him squirm and seeign that his neighbours know what a vile...
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    nightmares rescripting...very odd!

    Anyone else had this? Since having prolonged exposure therapy where my many traumas were worked on by rescripting for slightly better endings, My nights reduced from at best 1 a night, at worst 8 a night down to only a handful over the last six months. It has been lovely. The last few weeks has...
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    Saying goodbye to therapist

    So tomorrow is my last appointment with my therapist. I am in an ok place right now, have started some new things so time is pressed and decided the only thing keeping me in therapy is that I will miss my therapist. This is not the right reason for therapy and I don't want to pay a therapy fee...
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    shocked therapist

    My therapist was in pure disbelief when we were discussing how my family consider my years of abuse to have done me a huge favour. What shocked her was when I said I think that my family had a valid point. I am not dismissing the dreadful experiences I suffered but I can't help but wonder if it...
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    Flashbacks overlapping

    Having a spell of flashbacks that are out of my league. The only way I can think to describe them is like an old camera where roll-on has been forgotten and so when printed out the images all overlap. I am having one flashback on top of another sometimes as many as three or four layering up...
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    Legal action

    Does anyone have any experience of taking legal action against a private psychiatric hospital?
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    I Made An Official Complaint And Now A Possible Fraud Case Against Hospital.

    I cant believe I put up with such bad treatment/service for so long. After over a year of being brushed off when I voice concerns about what I now see as seriously bad treatment, a therapist locking me in a room with her (as she didnt have a sign to put on the door) my records being sent to an...
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    His Birthday

    So tomorrow is the birthday of the person who raped and abused me for much of my childhood. Three years ago I discovered this date as it formed a central part of trying to get him into court. i wish I didn't know. The last three years the 21st feb has been an awful day. I hate the thought of...
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    Slept All Night But ....

    How do others cope with this? Last night I went to bed at 8pm I was out for the count waking once at midnight, when I rolled over and was out like a light until 6.30 when the alarm went off. I never sleep that much or that heavy. I am not ill, hadn't done anything exhausting during the day so...
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    2 Therapists?

    I have a wonderful therapist who is helping me work through all of my trauma memories however i am finding whilst i use my weekly session for that my daily life issues are getting built up. I cant afford to do extra sessions as i pay privately to see her but my insurance might pay out for me...
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    Pick Your Own?

    If you could change your name what would you pick for yourself? Three years ago i changed my name. The police advised me too and i really embraced the idea. Not only would it make it harder for my abuser (who i reported, was arrested but got off thanks to my family lies) but it also made me...
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    Meds Stress

    Anyone else? It seems that I am hyper sensitive to medications. I have been on low doses now of various SSRIs, fluoxetine, citalopram, diazepam, to name a few. each giving me a new set of side effects. Paroxetine finally did the trick but six months down the line the positive effects wore off...
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    Normal Or Cptsd

    Feel like I don't know what is what with me anymore. I have shown signs of ptsd since I was 4 years only but was only officially diagnosed with Cptsd and OCD 4 years ago when I took steps to get help. So now I have a whole list of symptoms, behaviours, triggers and so on that I am working...
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    Keeping It In The Room

    Having seen a few therapists now it appears to be common to ensure that clients are able to leave the therapy in the room at the end of the session. Does anyone else struggle to do this? As a person who cuts off my emotions when talking about my traumas to find the feelings hitting me after...
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    Therapy Flake Out.

    How can 1 hour of therapy exhust me so much. Spent the last 24hours feeling like my blood has been drained out of me. I have done all normal self care tricks but i can hardly keep my eyes open or function. It wasnt even a tough session. How does anyone else handle this?
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    Distraction Vs Avoidance

    I find my self very confused these days with whether i am avoiding or distracting. Thoughts start popping into mind so i try to do something to distract myself then i wonder if i should in fact be facing them and maybe was avoiding not distracting. Same the other way round i think i am...
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    Motivated To Do What?

    Does anyone else have this issue? I feel really big urges that I want to do something, work wise I mean. maybe start my own business go into a career of some sort. I have been home for 12years now and I am grateful for having that time with my kids. I wish that were enough for me but it isnt...
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    Ptsd Label Worn Thin

    I am now at a point of being embarrassed to say I have PTSD and OCD. It is not because I am ashamed of it or particularly hide it but more because of how PTSD is now thrown around. I have had it for years with the OCD it seems everyone is OCD about something. PTSD is going the same way with...
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    Post Traumatic Growth ?

    Any thoughts, opinions or info on the issue of post traumatic growth. Seems to be popping up a bit in the media
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    Head Swirls

    I thought I was doing better with flashbacks the last few weeks but think I have actually just been holding them back. something has obviously triggered me as find my head swirling around with flashbacks rolling around a thought about my father who I cut contact with a few years ago. I thought...
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    Ptsd Parenting Crisis

    Every time one of my children has an issue I always link it to my ptsd and feel awful. My 9year had a 2 hour meltdown yesterday over some school work worries and it is one of many times when i wonder how different my children's life would be if they had a standard mum. They are great girls in...