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    Proud of myself 22 years ago

    Proud of myself 22 years ago,finally came out about something to my mom about me.I came out as transgender know I felt inside I was really feminine in my teens.Mom saw I was in the closet about something in my life since my teens.Mom said she was concerned and said I couldn't stay in the closet...
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    My mom

    My mom has learned something from me,don't ignore the problems.She did ignore the problems when my dad abused me in my teens for being me.I am glad she regretted doing this and does to this day.Even witnessed the abuse too doing nothing about it. I remember walking out running to a neighbor's...
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    Sufferer Hello From Me, CPTSD - TGirl, Abused By Dad, & Shot Him In Self Defence At 17

    Hello, I am Kimber and have CPTSD since I was 18. It came from my dad whom put me through so much abuse in my teens. I am transgender, a tgirl living and dressing as female since the age of 20. Dad hated that I was trying on female clothing on and my mom would not do a thing about the abuse my...