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    Recurring Paranoia

    I have been doing better with recovery- have not attempted in nearly two years, I still self harm but not nearly as often. I’ve done EMDR, DBT, CBT therapies to help process these emotions and to minimize flashbacks. A while ago (about a year and a half now) he was released from prison way too...
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    Is there a Word for this

    Why can’t I accept help without fearing that the person is annoyed and will leave? I have struggled with this concept a lot over the years following the trauma but today something clicked in my head- and it’s left me feeling defeated and scared for NO reason. A little context: I had worked a...
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    Overreacting? - Trauma Anniversary, & 1st Year Abuser Is Out Of Jail. Stress, Fear, What If’s & Paranoia.

    As winter nears and December draws closer there is always a sense of dread as the trauma anniversary falls into place for what will now be six years ago. God, it feels like yesterday still, but not the point. This is the first year my abuser will have been out of jail, he got out about five...
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    Recurrent Hospitalizations- Am I just Weak?

    I went to my psychiatrist today and immediately apologized and said something along the lines of, “I’m sure you were annoyed when I got hospitalized right after our visit last time” and he made sure to put that to rest and reassure me he thought nothing of the sort- but then he continued. He...
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    How to Move Forward with evidence from the past

    I have an opprotunity that most don’t get- I am grateful but terrified. The cops from my case have sent the text messages between me and the teacher that had groomed me/assaulted/threatened until I sent pictures of myself. It was a messed up, sick situation. There are almost 600 pages worth of...
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    Severe Derealization after Vacation

    I have been on a week long vacation- relaxed, had so much fun, didn’t want to leave. I come back home and the next day ,as I wake up for work, I am in immediate fog. Confusion, like everything is fake, artificial, gloomy. I barley get to work because everything seems too bright, too loud- it...
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    Dissociation Taking Over

    I am having more of a problem with dissociation now than ever, I can’t ever seem to snap out of it without some kind of self harm. How do you bring yourself out of it in a more healthy way?
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    Sufferer My Story - Teacher who assaulted & sexually assaulted me being released from prison. So scared of SI & so tired.

    I am kind of all over the place- apologies in advance! This is so bizarre to just- post but it’s anonymous so it’s kind of freeing. I’ll try to make this short but the story is kind of complicated. So around the age of 14 I was a freshman in high school, I was really anxious and shy so I...