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    Lost transportation/triggered

    Hello fellow travelers, I lost my car and now have to rely on public transportation. I just realized I’ve been triggered. The only time I’ve been with out a vehicle in my adult life (63 now) is when I was homeless for two years in Detroit during its troubled years of 1993-95. So many traumas...
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    Prison visitation

    Thank you for your suggestion. Yes I think he knows . I drove through emergency snow weather to see him one time. No there is no one to go with me. But it’s comforting knowing others are triggered by going to prison visitation as well. Sorry if that sounded weird. I imagine even the average joe...
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    Prison visitation

    Hello fellow travelers, I happily am going to visit my son in prison tomorrow (monday). Yet I don’t want to go. I don’t want to walk in those doors. It is even one of the milder prisons. I’m in ptsd mode now. Triggered memories by the whole ordeal of his arrest. Small town/ news papers/...
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    Daughter and I conflict

    Hello fellow travelers, I recently spoke to my daughter on the phone. She asked me to pick up the granddaughter from camp. It’s across town and I asked for mileage payment. She said she can’t right now and then proceeded to talk about a trip she’s planning with partner. It would be too much...
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    Sufferer Older woman coming to terms with lifelong CPTSD

    Hey Bella, I’m 63 and knew to this group. I identify with the isolation. I help watch my 8 year old granddaughter. This helps heal my childhood trauma. I’ve come to terms in the last couple years that I have PTSD (covid brought that to light) and recently I’ve come to terms with how severe...
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    Sufferer Dental ptsd

    Thank you survivor 3. I don’t feel so alone.
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    Sufferer Dental ptsd

    AKJ Ohhh thank you !! Yes I need to pamper pamper pamper. Your little humor was soooo helpful. All your ideas are great!!! I gave him a speech I wrote for a fundraiser that shares the general story of what happened to me. He seemed grateful and said “ now I know” he was so gentle and shared...
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    Sufferer Dental ptsd

    Angel, Thank you so much for your post. I think the gentleness of your care for yourself is exactly what I needed to hear. Artimystic
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    Sufferer Dental ptsd

    Hello, I’m Artimystic and brand new to this site. I’ll keep my intro just that brief for now, because I need some support in going to the dentist tomorrow. I have to have a tooth pulled. He’s a great dentist and skilled in creating a comfortable and emotionally safe environment for all types...