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    Sufferer Looking to connect

    Hello everyone! It is a while since I was on the forum . I have cptsd and ptsd related to hospitals . Missed talking with you guys so thought I would have a catch up xx
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    Medical retriggered after an operation in hospital.

    hi I have ptsd related to anything hospital related. I thought I had my ptsd under control pretty much. however I had to have an operation in hospital which was unavoidable. I was terrified when at hospital and now I just keep reliving what happened over and over again. My ptsd has come back...
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    Derealisation and depersonalisation today and over months , mother daughter sexual abuse ,

    hi I thought I had worked through all traumas that I have had in my life, thinking it was doctors, and it was for one trauma, but no all along it has been my mum. How can a mother commit every type of abuse to her daughter. Yes ok I have accepted, emotional abuse, physical abuse, now I have...
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    Can Moments Of Extreme Trauma Be Totally Blanked Out Of Present Consciousness?

    Hi I have not being on the forum lately mainly because of my stage in recovery . I have most recently done therapy on not dissociating when triggered . This made trauma therapy difficult because as soon as my SUDs were up I used to totally blank out. Due to the therapy I do not dissociate nearly...
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    Sleeping Excessively After Years Of Night Mares Etc Anyone ????

    Hi After my whole life not sleeping, feeling anxious, night mares, crying before I fall asleep. Now I sleep all day and all night, I am feeling so relaxed the most I have felt in my life, my limbs and body go totally numb. It is after a bout of good therapy. Now I am a bit concerned!! Is it...
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    How Do You Face Your Traumas Head On ?

    hi I am at the stage where to heal further I need to face my traumas head on. I have unresolved traumas. I however do not feel ready to face the traumas. I have other problems such as depression G.A.D and dissociation. the therapists say to move forward I must face them . Has any one got any...
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    How Do You Resolve The Emotion Of Shame ?

    HI I am curious how to resolve the feelings of shame, or being ashamed. For sadness I cry (if not too numb). How does shame feel to you big small? I cannot feel shame apart from sighing very deeply. It is a puzzling emotion to work with for me even though I have a lot of it. I am working on...
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    What Treatment Is There For Dissociation?

    Hi One of my main problems at the moment is dissociation. I am supposed to be noticing my emotions which are extremely uncomfortable, after being totally numb. As soon as they get overwhelming I just totally dissociate. First derealisation, then depersonalisation then I cannot feel anything or...
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    What Is Your Attachment Style?

    I am anxious/ fearful avoidant apparently towards females because of issues with my mother. What style are you and does this resonate with you? What does this mean? Also we are working on gestalt psychotherapy has any one else worked on this model and did it work for you ?
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    How Do You Resolve Unresolved Trauma?

    I have unresolved traumas so how do you go about resolving them?
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    I Have A Fear Of Fear Does Any One Else?

    Hi I was talking with my therapist the other day and I know it is her job to keep arousal/ exposure high during therapy . But I think I have a fear of fear so therapy is pretty scary at the mo. I am also not stable at present. Does any one else relate to a fear of fear ? During therapy or on a...
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    Is Anyone Else Having Emdr Sessions At The Moment?

    Hi I am going through sessions of EMDR and finding it tough. It brings out very intense reactions which are extremely frightening. I also find it hard to ground my self. Sometimes I totally dissociate. I was wondering if any one wants to share their experiences with EMDR,grounding and...
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    Depersonalisation Does Your Brain Not Do Any Thing?

    Hi I have just been looking at 'The Body Keeps the score' book. There was a picture of an actual brain scan when some one is blanking out in response of being reminded of past trauma. It showed the brain had decreased activation in every area and it was interfering with thinking focus and...
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    Muscle Relaxants Meds Which Do You Find Effective?

    Hi My shoulders, upper back , lower back and legs hurt just because all of my muscles are tight. I have just started taking Robaxin -750, it has methocarbamol in it. It has given me a lot of relief. Do any of you guys take muscle relaxants ? If so which one have you found work ? Can you take...
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    Can You Recognise Yourself In A Mirror ?

    Hi, At a recent assessment with a therapist one of the many questions on a survey was : Can you recognise your self in the mirror ? This really got me thinking. Even though I answered yes I could recognise myself. When I look closely in the mirror at my eyes and soul it does not seem to be me...
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    Does Any One Know What Official ,effective Therapies Are Available For Ptsd?

    Hi Just wondering if anyone knew of the official, effective therapies for Ptsd. There are so many different ones out there. Not to say I would try anything if it was to work properly.
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    S3 Assessment?

    Hi Does any one know what happens to you when you go for an S3assessment? I googled what it was and do not know whether to go to it. Bit scared would welcome any feed back.:nailbiting: