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    What Are You Grateful For Today?

    I got out of bed and did stuff. I ate junk food but less than yesterday.
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    Trying not to be violent towards myself

    I feel ya. Me too. I’ve invented this game in my head where I have a perfect loving mother who wears an apron and loves me….it helps me get out of bed and do almost the bare minimum, so that’s something. It’s a start. 50 years old is a hell of a time to start over, but it’s better then lying in...
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    What Is On Your Mind Right This Second?

    I’m letting my imaginary therapy Mom take care of me (she tells me what to do and I do it). Self care tasks mainly.
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    What Did You Eat And Drink Last?

    Peanut butter on a spoon But I have a squash in the oven now