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    Relationship Is he really done or is it the PTSD

    My boyfriend has PTSD, diagnosed for a year. We were together for 15 years. Since his diagnosis he moved out and said he needed to work on himself, and that’s when he began questioning our relationship, but we remained in constant contact, still slept over and continued our relationship. 2...
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    Relationship PTSD BF left me after 16 years

    ok thank you! And we had ups and downs like any relationship but we never split up or separated. I believe he suffers more from CPTSD - a little background - he was diagnosed with PTSD a little over a year ago after the death of his father. His father was extremely abusive and my boyfriend...
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    Relationship PTSD BF left me after 16 years

    Needing some help. My boyfriend who I’ve been with for 16 years left me today. He said we both needed to move on and that he did love me, just wasn’t in love with me anymore. He’s been diagnosed with PTSD for a year now and moved out of our home 8 months ago but we were still seeing each...