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  1. GrumpyCat

    Advice on cutting ties with abusive family?

    After my mom died and I finally melted down and had the first of my mental breakdowns. my brothers treated me like some kind of china doll for a while. But after a while it went back to the same BS it always has been. Denial, abuse, denigration and degradation. My dad, while supportive on the...
  2. GrumpyCat

    Can you do EMDR over Zoom?

    Can you do EMDR over Zoom? That seems impossible to me. I am intensely uncomfortable with Zoom meetings, I can't imagine doing therapy over it.
  3. GrumpyCat

    Sufferer Father French kissing me

    Do not discount your pain or compare it to anyone else. That's not fair to you. What happened to you was molestation by any reasonable standard. It was painful and is something you have clearly suffered from. It's not like you are some delicate snowflake or something. You were treated badly in a...
  4. GrumpyCat

    Wrong fit ? Trauma? Reluctance to grow up? Personality Type? What's the right answer?

    My general rule of thumb is, if I've expressed my boundaries and/or asked for accommodation three times with no or inadequate response each time, I know it just isn't going to work. I start looking at that point. All you can go by is your personal experiences. Keep your eyes open and give...
  5. GrumpyCat

    Sufferer CPTSD struggling with suicidal ideation

    GREAT advice and thank you so much! Update - I seem to have found a job... The offer came in, but I'm waiting for the 'official' offer to come from HR, meanwhile I continue to interview. My living situation is stable for now. My best friend has been able to offer me a bed and I gratefully...
  6. GrumpyCat

    Sufferer CPTSD struggling with suicidal ideation

    I have in the past enjoyed fishing, photography and hiking. I have more or less given all of those up as they became impractical for me to maintain due to my moving around. I still like to walk, just don't get to hike much as I don't have access to areas to hike. I am fighting the despair...
  7. GrumpyCat

    Sufferer CPTSD struggling with suicidal ideation

    Thank you so much. It's pretty telling of where I'm at that even this simple act of kindness on your part made me shed tears. Thanks again and glad I found somewhere I can learn and hopefully grow from.
  8. GrumpyCat

    Sufferer PTSD....18 years and counting

    I feel your pain here. No one gets it outside other PTSD sufferers.
  9. GrumpyCat

    Sufferer CPTSD struggling with suicidal ideation

    Hello everyone, I have been diagnosed with CPTSD from sexual abuse and multiple, ongoing threats to my life as a child. I had four different abusers growing up, one of whom (and the first) was a family member. I didn't know I had PTSD until my mom died four years back and I began to short...