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    Broke up with my therapist - Do I tell my partner these things?

    Broke up with my therapist officially. I started seeing my old one on zoom that moved away before the pandemic. Now I can see her again because of zoom! I was seeing this newer therapist since right before the pandemic. I’ve never broken up with a therapist but I have felt very uncomfortable...
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    EMDR stuff - Tonight while working with a young part in therapy I started to sing “baby mine” to it.

    Tonight while working with a young part in therapy I started to sing “baby mine” to it. I only remembered one line and couldn’t place the song or voice. Initially I was humming it to my very young child self. Later I looked up to line and saw it was from the original Dumbo movie and I...
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    I know I’m really stressed when I start having nightmares again. My BF had to wake me up twice last night. Someone was trying to kill me. They were hurting me. Scaring me. I was offering them money to stop. Then I thought I saw my cat and started saying “kitty kitty” in a little kids voice in...
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    Managing my inner critic while in a new relationship - very vulnerable post

    This is the truth. Very vulnerable post. Please go easy on me. Trying to find ways to manage my inner critic while in a new relationship. Makes me very insecure. Says lots of body shaming stuff, ugly etc. Goes on to say he’s not really in it despite proof otherwise. I get into bad behaviors...
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    Partners also with trauma

    Is anyone else dating or in a relationship with someone with trauma too? How do you make it work? I feel like my partner and I are just in some kind of trigger cycle that won’t break. I’m exhausted. I’m in therapy and so is he. Both in our 40’s. What’s your story?
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    Sufferer Looking for support - Childhood trauma, abandonment, relationships, & triggers.

    Hi everyone! I’m 46 and have CPTSD with a history of childhood abuse, neglect, abandonment trauma and all that goes with it. I was married for 10 yrs to a partner that didn’t do any self work and was an alcoholic and emotionally abusive at times. I’ve done loads of trauma work (EMDR,IFS) and...