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    I Have A Job Interview!

    I am so excited. It is on Wednesday. Wish me luck, cross your fingers, say a prayer....or just do whatever you do...if you have time. This would absolutely be my dream job.:rolleyes: I know it is just an interview, so I am going back to the drawing board to hopefully schedule some more...
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    My Second Day Of School

    I am going through professional training for the month of July. Today was my second day. It is has really been great. I am getting out and meeting people. This is definitely a positive move.
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    Rejection is a major trigger for me. I have this need to feel accepted and to belong. Many times my feeling of rejection is misinterpreted, but even when the person has the best of intentions, I can't help but feel rejected and unwanted. Last week I was asked to participate in a group at our...
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    General Fmla

    Have any carers taken FMLA to help care for their spouse? I am having a very difficult time right now, but I am so used to pretending that I am ok, I can't phathom the idea of my husband taking off work. In my mind I am holding up well, but according to what he is seeing, he is very worried...
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    I Closed My Home Daycare

    As of 6 p.m. today, I am officially closing my home daycare. I have been running a daycare in my home for 7 years. Unfortunately, I was never able to work in a vacation. I did close on major holidays, but as far as a vacation, I usually ended up with at least one child at my house because I...
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    Triggered by Email Response

    I sent an email to a group of friends as requested by a good friend of mine. Her friend and co-worker had an experience in the Metroplex and was just warning people to watch out. It was just a general info email. One male friend found a similar but not really the same story on Snopes and...
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    How Do You Deal With Holidays?

    I love to make the holidays fun for my kids, but for they suck. No matter how much effort I put into being happy and trying to make everything perfect for my kids; they have always been a source of stress and anxiety. I am disconnected from my family and my husband's family is deceased. It...
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    Any Tips on Interviewing for Jobs?

    Job interviews make me extremely nervous. I know that is a normal reaction, but mine is really over the top. My hands get very shaky and I don't even recognize my own voice. It takes forever for me to answer questions. I feel uncomfortable and probably make the interviewer uncomfortable as...
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    Not Much of a Talker - Story Buried For Years

    Maybe writing will be easier. I am quite introverted and have kept my story buried very deeply for years. I was diagnosed with PTSD several years ago and have been in and out of therapy several times. My DH knows very little of my story. I have given him bits and pieces over the years, but...